LV alma pm or YSL Loulou small

YSL loulou or LV Alma pm

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May 5, 2020
Honestly, I personally like the Loulou more, and would buy the Loulou. Also this is the Saint Laurent forum, so people might be biased.
However, the Alma is definitely more classic, and the Loulou is more on par with the puffy pillow trend that has sprung up this year.
I think it depends on your personal style. If you have a more classic/chic style, I would get the Alma. And if you have an edgier style, I think the Loulou would look better.
I think the Alma looks weird worn with the strap at this size. The buckles are super close to each other, but I think the Loulou looks adorable. If you prefer top handle bags, I think Alma would be a good choice. If yo prefer shoulder, probably Loulou.


Aug 29, 2015
To me, it would be between the Alma BB and the Small loulou. I do not care for the Alma in the PM size bc of the way it lays against the body when worn with the strap. As a hand carry, it is lovely! But the only hand carry bag I can use for my lifestyle is the speedy.
I think the small loulou is more versatile BUT like the other poster said, it may end up being a trendy bag (I personally hope not) and the alma has been around for awhile.

Miss World

Nov 6, 2006
View attachment 4747267 View attachment 4747266 View attachment 4747267 View attachment 4747266 View attachment 4747267 View attachment 4747266 My first designer bag, not sure which to buy. I am in my 30s and not looking to follow trends. please what do you suggest?
I am a big fan of both Saint Laurent and YSL. I however think the Alma, especially in that size and the brown Damier Ebene canvas looks very dated and the style to me looks very ageing. The YSL one looks more modern, fresh and stylish whilst also having all the classic elements like beautiful leather, chevron stitch detailing and an iconic YSL logo. However this is just my humble opinion and you should always go for a bag that 'feels like you' and would work for your lifestyle. :smile:


Jul 17, 2018
I have the Almb bb DE and the Small Lou Lou black on black. I love both equally but once quarantine is over will probably be using my Lou Lou more because its a black bag, even though the alma could be considered neutral.


Jan 24, 2006
Long Island<3 NY
I own and love them both but I feel as they are very different bags. Will this be an everyday bag? or just a night out/dinner bag? Whats your lifestyle like?


Jul 22, 2010
Interesting you’ve chosen two of my favorite bags! Last spring I was debating between the toy Loulou and the Alma bb in DE...kept running between the two stores trying them on! I did get the Loulou and LOVE it. But still I know is not a “forever” bag, and still think about the Alma because it is an absolute classic.

I think in order to decide, focus on the differences between the two and ask yourself: 1) Do you prefer flap or zip opening? 2) Do you like internal compartments (loulou) or just an open interior (Alma)? 3) Do you like the prominent YSL logo or prefer no visible logos? 4) Do you need something that can withstand rain and is a bit “tougher” (DE canvas)? 5) Other than crossbody, do you like hand-carry or shoulder?

Hope this helps, and really you can’t go wrong...they are both great bags!