LV Alma or Madeleine GM? Help me choose!

  1. I just bought an LV Alma in damier, and am realizing that I am not a fan of the easily recognizable damier.

    So I am considering exchanging the damier Alma for a
    (1) Epi leather Alma or
    (2) Epi Leather Madeleine GM.

    The thing is, the LV Alma (Epi) is $1310 and the Madeleine is $1100.
    I originally paid $1030 for the damier Alma, and wouldnt mind paying $70 extra for the Madeleine. But $280 extra for an Alma in Epi (!?). I could buy another Coach bag with that $$!!

    So what do you guys think? Should I pay $280 extra for an Epi Alma or pay $70 extra for the Epi Madeleine?
    Which is the better/more versatile handbag, in your opinion?

    I would love any input at all. Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. I think you should go with the Madeleine but then I'm kinda of bias because I can't stand the Alma and don't really think it's functional.
  3. My vote goes to the Alma, it's such a classic and stunning bag. And I'm not a Coach fan at all I'm afraid..
  4. Madelein is more functional while Alma is more classic

    see which matters to you
  5. I love the Madeleine! It's a gorgeous bag that's also very classic. With the extra money, get a LV bandeau for it, instead of a Coach!
  6. I prefer the Madeleine ! :yes:
  7. I think you should try them both on, if you can. The Alma is a very different animal in epi than in damier!
  8. I like the Madeleine much better!
  9. My vote goes to Alma, It was the first one that I bought and I still carry it all the time. It's the perfect size, love that it holds it shape and I still get TONS of compliments on it.
  10. I'd go for the Alma. I think it sounds like you need to try them both on and see which one feels right. The Madeline would hold more, and if you need it for an everyday type bag perhaps that would work better for you. Good luck with your decision!
  11. alma, alma alma. its so pretty and classic i have it in mono and love it great size and shape
  12. Alma!
  13. Definitely go try on both!

    I think Madeleine is a better choice for everyday, but it's not very striking IMO. The Epi Alma is stunning and if you think you can get a lot of use from it, then I think the extra money would be worth it! Good luck!
  14. I'd go with the Alma :smile:
  15. I have the Madeline GM and love it, very classic, and does not scream LV. I prefer it over alma. Alma is nice but not very functional and make you look older IMO.