LV Alma/Novak Part2!!!

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  1. Ok, I realized in my obssession between these choices,

    1. i'm looking for a bag from day to night
    2. I want a red or black bag, but ultimately, I am pretty predictable and perhaps boring....i have a really difficult time moving away from the black option, unless given no other options
    3. If I can't get a Novak in croc. option, than I say "nay" to Novak
    4. Now that I want black, should I go black alma or this black balenciaga.....balenciaga wasn't really my style till I saw a few pics. of it carried recently, this one being one of them...I generally like simplicity.

    Black alma or black balenciaga.....looking for a classy day to night option...which is best? also, what is the durability/resiliance of bal. leather? think balenciaga will stand the test of time as a true classic? I don't know....LV epi alma is so nice....

    Sorry......I've been really really obssessing badly here...

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  2. i'd go for balenciaga. i don't like the alma, it's really TOO simple. but i still prefer the novak over the balenciaga, but i already have a balenciaga, so if you don't have one, then go for the B bag.
  3. I think the Alma is more of a classic, but it is a little plain. I'm voting for the Balenciaga.
  4. Another vote for the Balenciaga ! It's gorgeous.. I can't wait until I get my hands on one !
  5. Aghhh, this is so hard! Also, I keep admiring that red alma too....why am I so black bag all the time? Is anyone alse like this too? My best friend is the same. She got a "brown" bag, and had to go back and exchange once she realized it just wasn't black!!
  6. I like the Alma over the Motorcycle
  7. Both bags are nice, just different looks. The alma bag is very simple and classic. The Balenciaga is a little more hip and interesting. I'd go with the B-bag. If you decided down the road to get a classic evening bag you can't beat Chanel's classic flap. Let us know what you decide!
  8. I like the Balenciaga. The alma is too old lady-ish. I've never liked the Alma very much.
  9. hmmm, so tough, i definitely agree b-bag is more hip, which I like...its stylish without going overboard, but LV epi alma is simple and stylish in its own way....hence the longevity of the alma!
  10. It sounds like we're a lot alike! I only purchased black bags, and finally decided it was time for a change this year--I purchased a peacock blue/turquoise Coach bag, a eggplant purple bulga, and a damier ribera, and now, I almost never want to use a plain black bag! I wear my simple fitted t's and rock & republics, and I let my bags do the talking! So don't be afraid to stick to a simple shape with a vibrant color--hey even try a brown--you might just surprise yourself:idea: I would say I'd pick the Alma because it will never be passe', and it will hold up through anything you can throw at it. I guess it depends on how many bags you have and how often you change bags in regard to what shape/size/durability you need. Do remember that the Bal bag and the Alma come in other colors and textures to choose from, and you might just fall in bag love:love::nuts: !
  11. I'd get both! I know, no help but this is my reasoning. To me, they're two different bags: alma is a classic whereas b-bags are hip. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Just depends on what image you're trying to project and what suits your style better. You can't go wrong w/ either. They are both beautiful bags in their own unique ways. The alma is readily available so I would definitely get the Balenciaga if this is a harder bag to procure. Good luck!
  12. I'll say the Balenciaga bag. If you want to spice up your "black" obsession, why not go for the INK color that's coming out for the B-bag? It's almost black but with blue overtone.
  13. i vote for the balenciaga. the alma just seems stiff while the balenciaga's leather looks amazing!
  14. B bag or alma??? I wonder if I should go alma since I just got the soft BV veneta hobo? I've been thinking about the alma for some time, but when I saw the b bag, I just started obssessing I try to more productive with my time and obssess when I'm in the gym....bored on the elliptical or treadmill. I have to admit, I've only seen/touched the epi in person (I like its durability factor), but haven't actually been in contact with Mr. B bag himself...

    would you say both could go for the more formal look? And yes, to the comment earlier, I would love to get BOTH. In fact, I'd like to own every bag I wanted!!!!!!!!!!

    do you really think alma is old style? I never really felt that....than again, most people think my liking Tods is kinda old style.

  15. go for the balenciaga!