LV Alma bb in epi vs Balenciaga mini city?

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  1. Which bag should I go for?

  2. Alma bb!!!
  3. Alma BB!
  4. Alma bb
  5. I have both and love both. I would say almaBb can be dressed up or down, especially the leather versions. Bal mini city is more casual and edgy. I wear mini city a lot during daytime on weekends but I always take my Alma out to dinner and fun afterwards:smile:

    It really depends what you are looking for. If you want a versatile bag, go with AlmaBB. If you already have a small bag for more formal settings and want something relaxed and cool, go with mini city.
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  6. Alma BB!!!
  7. Alma BB :smile:
  8. Alma BB :smile:
  9. Alma mm
  10. Bal mini city
  11. alma bb👍
  12. Alma bb
  13. I personally like the Alma BB more, I think it's very chic and classy!
  14. Alma BB, I do not like Balenciaga at all.
  15. Alma BB