LV All rounder?

  1. This will be my first LV and I'm looking for one that can be used for everything! ie. medium sized shoulder bag -

    I 'm sick of my cheaper everyday bags simply not lasting :cursing: , so I figure I may as well invest the mo if its gonna be used everyday:yes: !!

    What do you LV experts suggest? :shrugs:
  2. Depending how big you want it...I think I would go with a looping MM for a first shoulder bag, but that is just me, it is simple and classy!!!
    Best of luck with your first LV purchase, it is exciting!!
  3. I would go with the piano or BH, both in my opinion are great shoulder bags.
  4. i'd recommend the bucket.. (it was my first). it has "feet" so i dont mind setting it on the floor when i used to go to work or whenever i go in crowded restaurants. it also comes with a little pouch so you can put maybe your pens or lipstick or whatever. you can adjust the lenth of the drop as the strap has a couples of holes for the buckle. and you can see everything all at once as it is open. or you may want to try the batignolles (vertical or horizontal). good luck on whatever you decide.
  5. Mmm, shoulder bag? Perhaps batignolles horizontal, MC aurelia or denim baggy pm/gm?
  6. Batignolles horizontal is a great shoulder bag.
  7. cabas piano, popincourt haut, or batignolles horizontal are my recs! i have the cabas piano and its wonderful. i had a BH but returned it. it was great but just too big for my everyday use.
  8. I love my mini lin boulogne in ebony. It is super light and can fit lots of stuff! It fits nicely on the shoulder and stays put!:smile:
  9. I love the BH.
  10. After all of this I'm falling in love with the Monogram Mini Lin Speedy....I've always had shoulder bags but I'm sure I could get used to a hand held...... what do you think?!
  11. ^ for sure Miss Amy ;) and you can fit alot in it too! a number of girls here uses theirs as an everyday bag. speedies are classic too. you can never go wrong with it :yes:
  12. I've read on here about speedys sagging???
  13. BH! affordable and functional
  14. ps. how would i protect the bag against getting really dirty since its such a light colour?
  15. ^ lots of threads on preventing sagging and protecting the fabric. do a search for those threads. :smile: they should answer all your questions/worries about owning a speedy mini lin.

    my own vote for medium shoulder bag would be the viva cite mm. good luck! ;)