LV all over the Gucci store

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  1. I had to take a Gucci bag to the local boutique (Santana Row, CA) for repair (this is why I own only 2 Gucci bags - horsebit detail broke after only 1 use). While I was there, I saw 10x more LV than any other brand of bag on the customers! There was a Damier Speedy 30, Denim Camera Bag, Damier Parioli, Mono Manhattan PM, Epi black pochette, Black MC Speedy and a Mono Neverfull MM. And those were just the ones I could remember - I'm sure there were more! Alot of people were looking at Gucci bags, but not alot buying. This just further instills my LV loyalty :heart:
  2. aha i love seeing lv's out and about!
  3. I also love to see LVs out around town!
  4. Yay Lv!
  5. I love Gucci but LV is tops.
  6. I love seeing LV too! Especially nice patina'd ones!
  7. Haha, how hilarious. Poor SAs! SO many lost cases. ;)
  8. I also love walking around and spotting all the LV's. I'm getting pretty good, ha ha.
  9. Hee hee hee. That Denim Camera bag sounds HOT!
  10. Aw, yay!

    I love seeing random ladies with their lvs when im out shopping or whatever.

    I love seeing MC on the streets, yummy!
  11. This makes me smile I was just at the Gucci store on Santana Row Saturday to buy the postiano bag and I was carrying my mono bucket. I noticed the same thing that day that, there were tons of girls out and about with their LVs. I don't know if it was the actual case or I just noticed because their bags because I love LV.
  12. I was once a Gucci whore, then I'm devoted to LV. I do enjoy seeing others with LVs especially the Azur. So refreshing...:smile:
  13. thats soo funny
  14. YAY for LV!!!!
  15. Its So Funny Because Ive Seen The Same Thing !! Lol