LV Agendas

  1. I'm thinking of getting the Damier agenda (medium size).
    If you have a LV agenda, what do you think about it? Are you using it? Is it practicle?

    Thanks for your feedback!
  2. I have a medium Damier, it's perfect for a work agenda for me, no complaints! I also love that filofax inserts work in LV agendas, sometimes the filofax items are more functional....
  3. i have a medium Monogram Mat agenda, and it's perfect for me. i use it much more than i ever thought i would :yes:
  4. YES, very functional! I think it's an essential LV purchase! It looks SOOOOO classy when someone whips out such a beautiful item to write a few notes in it! I'm all about "tradition", none of that ipaq, palm, gadget stuff lol!
  5. I actually just sold my Palm and bought a small-ring Framboise agenda. I have no regrets:wlae:
  6. haha! go stylefly!
  7. Here are pic of my Damier MM

    lv1.jpg lv2.jpg lv3.jpg lv4.jpg
  8. I think the size of medium agenda is just perfect. It's practical enough as it's not too small and convenient enough to tuck inside your bag.

    I'd love the koala agenda but wish they had it in medium. I'm afraid it's too small... :sad:
  9. I also have the Medium Damier Agenda
    It values for my money more than I thought
    Always go with me everywhere & everytime
    For me, it's not only very functional but also fabulous
  10. I love, love LV Agendas... I have many in different sizes. They are a must have item in my opinion.
  11. i have a medium panda agenda. and use it a lot. it's brought every single day. i never used my palm ever since i bought this agenda.
  12. Thanks for your feedback ladies and the pics! I've been thinking of getting one for a long time and I wanted to see what others think.
    I'll be getting one shortly and the fact that Filofax refills fit is a definite bonus!

  13. I am wondering if anyone uses their medium agenda just as phone book for the house ?

    I find that the pages for a small agenda are just too small to keep track of phone numbers/mailing addresses.

    Where do you keep yours? Do you have a seperate one for home that stays there and one for personal that stays with you?

    I have a medium size agenda, its leather not sure who its made by but it started out as a work item. It was easy to keep clients info in and has pockets so if i need to run out with just that i had places to put my cards and change. I was thinking of moving the info to an LV agenda and giving this more manly one to my b/f for business use.
  14. I have two small 6 ring LV agendas, panda and Indigo vernis and ADORE them... couldn't live without them, but want the Mandarin to go with my Noe too! I am a constant agenda user, have work one, have my ostrich zipped one for home appointments and the LV's for dates and fun stuff... LV's double as wallets in pouchettes and small bags...the LV inserts are the most glamorous... and, makes day to day life much better!
  15. Agendas are definately a must-have item, and more than one, for sure...