LV Agendas?

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  1. How many of you have them? I am thinking of getting a small ring agenda once I start my job after I graduate...I'm going to buy it with part of my first paycheck :lol:.

    As much as I love the multicolore, I think it's just way too expensive for what you're getting...and the leather will just get trashed. I was thinking either Damier, Monogram Mat (black probably), Monogram Vernis (I want the lovely pink color, but I'm afraid that might be too obnoxious for the corporate world), or Epi (Again, probably black).

    To those of you who have them: How functional are they? What exactly is inside? I've seen refils for the address book and note pages inside, but is there a calendar type thing as well? Also, which style would you suggest?

    Thank you in advance for all your help...I'm so excited about it!! I'm one of those people that agonizes forever over a decision like this, so I'm starting early!
  2. I don't have one, but I'm kind of in the same boat, I'm thinking about getting one in the near future. With the vernis though, you have to be careful as there may be colour transfer - it could actually get more dirty than the vachetta edging on the MC agendas.
  3. I was thinking about gettting it a while back and there were many helpful advises from the forum members.

    If you're looking for vernis agenda in Framboise, PM Christina, she has a gorgeous one. AND NO, it is not obnoxious at all, I think it's quite fabulous. What industry are you looking to go into?

    I think LV agendas are great accessories and they last a long time, too.

    *edit: here's the link for the discussion
  4. I'm going to be in IT for a pharmaceutical mostly guys who will wonder why I spend so much money on my clothes and bags...but when I was going for my interviews and stuff, I saw a real LV or two with IT women, so that's encouraging, lol.

    Thanks for the link, I'll take a peek at that too!
  5. I have a black mc small ring and love it. I have purchased the refills from (much cheaper) I use all the time, its my fav LV. Day to day its on my desk or in my handbag and its in great shape. I've had it for a few years and it looks great.

    I also keep business cards in there,rec's that i have to keep long term, and pic's.
  6. I have a Mat Ambre small and I adore it. I thought I wouldn't use it as much as I do, but it's keeping me organized and the cc slots are really helpful so you can just carry it as your wallet sometimes.
  7. I have the black epi medium ring agenda - they last forever. I have had mine for 6-7 years and it's still in really good condition. I don't buy the refills from LV, the Franklin Covey ones fit perfectly. I also like the fact that since it's black epi, it's not as "flashy" when I leave it on my desk.
  8. I think everybody would be super organized if everyone had one. Who woulnd't want to write in it?
  9. I have the Vernis agenda in framboise. I don't think it's obnoxious for the corporate world, it's a great shade! Kinda fun, but polished at the same time :P I have credit cards in the three slots, the agenda fills and I keep my business cards in the back pocket.

    There is a calendar that comes with the LV fills, it goes in front of the inserts. I chose the inserts where each page is a day of the month, so I insert a new fill quarterly and throw the old one out.

    If you're not keen on the pink or framboise Vernis, I like the idea of the black Epi. Very simple and sophisticated, not to mention durable. I use my agenda quite a bit, especially since I keep credit cards in there.

    Hope this helps :nuts:
  10. I have the white MC mini agenda. I love it. It's very colorful and the leather gets nice and tan after some use. You just have to be careful of the metal corners, you dont want them to get all scratched up!
  11. I just purchased my LV MC agenda from a member on the Forum and I love it...I always drop it into one of my speedys and use it since my credit cards are located in the slots~! :love:

    Im a practical gal who loves functionality and the agenda is sooo functional~!!:P
    DSCF1051.JPG DSCF1053.JPG DSCF1066.JPG
  12. I have the vernis framboise as well and it's so beautiful. I use it everyday. I think it's an eyecatcher e.g. in my dark grey paddy. I just love it!!
  13. i have the Monogram Mat Medium Agenda in black. i think it's easier to write in the medium agenda, just because there's more room. there are SIX credit card slots -- as opposed to THREE on the small agenda -- and yes, there is a calendar, along with the address book and notepaper. here are some pictures:



    the medium agenda measures about 5" x 7", so here's how it looks when i put it next to my Mat Shelton bag:



    hope this helps!
  14. oh wow that mat agenda looks TEH HOTTTTTT!!!!!!
  15. I want one - smaller then the vendredi but bigger than the one that Texas Chic has.

    I think I want a black M/C - is this possible?