LV Agenda's and refills?

  1. Hi, i'm completely new to LV so please excuse my question :shame: Can LV Agenda's be refilled with the agenda stationary you can buy from your local stationers, or does it only take LV paper?
  2. What size do you have? I have the small agenda and am able to use Filofax refills in them. Actually, I found some cute My Melody/Kuromi refills.

    My Mom has the medium agenda and is able to use Day Runner refills.
  3. i actually have the MC Vendredi Agenda in white--i bought it knowing it and the refills would be discontinued. the good thing is that i searched online and found a place called Opto in sweden that made me a custom hole puncher to make my own inserts.
  4. i have a small and medium agenda. both can take refills from a local shop or from lv. filofax also makes suitable refills- just measure carefully. i ordered the wrong size!
  5. I use kate spade refills for my PM. very cute! and it doesn't scream kate spade at all, its very cute, kinda gives off 1940s vibe.
  6. yes, before I used to use Hello Kitty agenda refills and I've also seen Pucca, Lovely White, Maschi maro(?) and a whole bunch of other cute korean agenda refills