Lv agenda/ used for pda case

  1. I know there was someone here that used/is using their small LV agenda for a PDA case. Can't remember for the life of me, I'm wondering of you can post pic's of how you are using it that way. Along with what I need.

    My b/f decided he needed to snag the treo I just ordered so now i'm left with the pda and cell. So, i'm going to need a case and thought perhaps using my agenda would work as well.

    thanks in advance :yes:
  2. hmm i'd like to see that as well i can't really envision it. i have a treo and a small agenda, but wouldn't it just slip out the bottom?
  3. the PDA was attached to the agenda some how. I'm still looking for pic's, hopefully i'll locate them.
  4. Most PDA cases are made with a sticky of velcro attached. I'm sure you can just get some velcro at a craft store or walmart with adhesive on the back and put one side on the pda and one of the agenda. If you need to convert it back to an agenda later just use alcohol to remove the sticki-ness.

    I have a tumi pda holder that came with extra velcro stickies. They shouldnt be hard to get ahold of?
  5. Found the pics :biggrin:
    IMG_0208.jpg IMG_0202.jpg
  6. Even better than sticking it right to the leather! lol
    What color agenda do you have?

    Hey I know you have/had a treo... have you ever tried it in one of the ipod cases by LV? Mine fits in some from Walmart. Not well cause the openings aren't in the right place, but do you know if it fits into any of the cases at all??
  7. I love those nails agenda pens by the way. SO cute in colors!
  8. I just bought a treo, wouldnt do this with as you need it to chat on. but i think this is a great idea for just a PDA.

    My small agenda is black MC , No i havent tried any LV cases.
  9. Thats actually a really good idea. If i ever get a PDA....
  10. I'm not close enough to LV to go try them... lol... I need to find a guinea pig. LOL
    Or just start ordering some to try from elux. Hate to do that tho.

    Let trade has an actual pda case for a low price in case you're interested. I like MC agendas better but just thought of you when I saw it!


  12. Only works for older pda's that have the slot along the side that will hook on that pen like thing.
  13. ...gotcha. Treo is about as PDA-versed as I get, sorry bout that. lol
  14. bag fetish, excellent idea.. i've been looking for a nice pda case.thanks
  15. here is what I just did with my pda that arrived.
    IMG_5013i.jpg IMG_5014i.jpg IMG_5015i.jpg IMG_5016 (1).jpg IMG_5017 (1).jpg