LV agenda used as a wallet

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  1. Does any one here use the small agenda as a wallet? just curious...
  2. I would love to have an LV MC agenda. But as for a wallet, it just wouldnt be possible. I have way to many, cards, coins etc. I suppose if you just had a couple of items and no change it would be o.k. though.
  3. I do! I have the medium sized agenda and if I need to just run out I take that and stick cash inside of the back flap. I find there is plenty of room for credit cards, id - everything except change, which I don't carry anyway.
  4. I have a monogram canvas ludlow and a vernis framboise small ring agenda. All of my cards don't fit in the ludlow, so I use the agenda for the rest of them. I also use the back pocket as a business card holder :biggrin:
  5. we're reversed. i have a monogram canvas small ring agenda and a vernis lavender ludlow. i do the same thing...your agenda doesn't get too packed with all the business cards?
  6. :lol: What a coincidence!

    Nah, it doesn't get too full with the CC slots full and the business cards in the back pocket. I only put in a few at a time, so it doesn't look bulky. It ends up working out well, since now I don't have to carry a business card holder on top of everything else I put in my bag :P
  7. I have the monogram small pocket diary, 3 cc slots and 2 large slots for bills. i have a plastic insert for my photos of my kids and like insurance cards and misc. cards. I purchased 3 weeks after I got my popincourt (first lv) so I did not want to spend another 300 + on a wallet. I did want something that would work as a wallet. When I called LV Boston store, she said people use it alot for a checkbook cover. They d/c the actual checkbook cover they use to sell. Can't put change in. If I get any coin change, like a starbucks or somewhere I try to leave the change there or throw it in the bag and when I get home empty it out. The agenda works for now:biggrin:
  8. I was reading a post yesterday and a DH had purchased an agenda for his wife to use as a wallet. Does anyone do this? I know there are CC slots, but is there space for notes? Any pics? I thought it was a great idea!
  9. i do- and i really love it. i do not carry much for cards, just amex, my lic., health cards. in a plastic sleeve in back i have aaa & lib. card. i put the bills in the front slot. i will try and post pictures later. as much as i love lv wallets, i love having a wallet & agenda in one even more. also, they are a great value (for lv!)
  10. I do this, but only because I hardly ever carry anything besides receipts and ccs. I works well for me. ^_^
  11. My wife has three agendas that she uses as wallets. Reasons being: 1. Cheaper than most LV wallets. 2. Can hold more than some wallets 3. Cheaper than most wallets.

    We use LV refills for now, but Filofax has everything you need to make your agenda into a wallet-CC holders, refills for notes, change envelope, calendar refills and other stuff.
  12. I don't... I have yet to insert any CC's into the CC slots.
  13. I do sometimes.
  14. I do! I use it to carry my credit cards, cash and my calendar for appointments.
  15. nope, tired and didnt care for it.

    If you do a search i'm sure you'll find more thread with pic's on this topic.