LV agenda owners, which one(s) do you have? (help me pick a new one)

  1. Hi! I currently have the small ring in the Monogram Mini in Cherry, the line is now discontinued. It's now about 3 years old and I want to get a new one.

    If you have one or more, can you PLEASE upload a picture of the ones you have?

    I am trying to decide between:

    1. Epi Myrtille (the stores near me have 1 left)
    2. Epi Ivorie (will this get dirty easily though?)
    3. Vernis Pomme d'amour (will this get scratched easily?)
    4. Vernis Raspberry (not really a pink person, but it does look cute)
    5. Damier Azur

    I'm uploading a picture of my collection plus my 2 latest additions (Mini Pleaty and Koala Multicolore). And a close-up of my cherry agenda.
    Agenda.jpg LVs.jpg Pleaty Koala.jpg
  2. I have the Monogram Canvas Koala with pink interior. I love it!

  3. Go with the Epi Myrtille. Your cherry mini agenda is a fun one - the epi would be a change. It would also go wonderful with your collection.
  4. I have the damier koala agenda. It has red interior. I love it. I use it as a wallet in my damier bags.
  5. I have the agenda in Vernis Pomme and this little lady is tough as nails. I have used her in my new Speedy and in my Batignolles and she has yet to suffer a scratch. The Vernis is a lot tougher than we give it credit for. It looks delicate, but once you handle it, you realize that it is practically indestructible!