LV agenda or bag?


Dec 24, 2005
My birthday is approaching, and I need some advice on how to spend the money! I am trying to decide between the framboise small agenda and a bag...possibly the epi speedy or damier speedy. The agenda is obviously more affordable, and I can't live without my current planner (paper one from The Container Store - not very chic). I write things down ALL the time. I probably couldn't remember to go to class without it. But, another bag would be great (I'd have to save longer). I don't really need another bag, though, as I've acquired the LV musette salsa, speedy 25, epi mandarin small wallet, and 2 spy bags (cognac and hologram) in the past six months (all gifts from my aunt...I'm a poor grad student!). So, do you think I need a new planner more? Oh, and pink is my absolute favorite color. Opinions, please!
I think you should get the agenda, I too can't live without a paper organizer. With the price hike coming up better think quick unless you do decide on the damier speedy. I own several agendas, one to match each bag. I'm not one for overly bright colors but must amit the framboise caught my eyes. In fact I have been debating on either getting the small ring agenda in framboise or the ludlow wallet in framboise:unsure: Although I won't be getting the bag to match, thought a small accessory piece would be kinda cute:amuse:
hmmm, i'd say daimer speedy... because are they only making a certain number of these? i dunno, but i think this would be great!!! but then again, you probably need the agenda FIRST and then you can save for a bag! :smile:

so, in the end after all that, go agenda! :smile: and i think the framboise is great - you should see Cristinas one, its so so so cute!!!
I'm not really an agenda person, I used to but since switched to pdas, so i would go for the bag. I used to mess up my agenda as it get used so much and thrown around a lot. And I think if you ever want to sell it when you are bored of it, a bag would be a better option, just my thoughts as i do tend to flog my bags to fund new ones.
Can you get BOTH? ;)

I'll say get the bag first since with the price hike, you'll bound to save more money on purchasing the bag before hand since the speedy is around mid $500 versus the agenda which is cheaper. As for the agenda, can you use a "substitute" such as a normal cheap agenda until you can get the LV agenda later?
I'd say purse and agenda lol, probably purse first and then get the agenda shortly after. If you get a bag a month etc, just get the agenda for another month. Like others have said, the price hike is coming, and if I'm not mistaken the savings for the bag should be a little more than for the agenda :biggrin:
from your post, i think i can detect that you're leaning more towards the agenda. (if not, sorry!)
besides, you don't have any candidates for your bag purchase yet.
so i say go for the planner!
whatever purchase you make, tho, your heart has to be set on it.
otherwise, those waves of buyer's remorse will get ya. (i'm HUGE when it comes to buyer's remorse)