LV agenda, is it worthy it in your opinion?


Perhaps, Love?
Feb 25, 2006
I am a neatfreak and I have to have all my appointments, important messages & dates organized. Now I am debating whether to go with digital devises or the good old fashion hand writing agenda and I would like to get some inputs from you ladies.

Digital- either blackberry or palm treo

LV agenda- I love the mono with koala buckle :love: , but does anyone has any suggestions??
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If access to email is important to you, obviously go with the digital options.

However, if you don't need to have email at your fingertips, I would go with an agenda.

I personally would go with the agenda. Technology at some point will be obsolete, but the agenda will be good forever... and you can always resell it for a better fraction of its retail than you could a Blackberry.
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i...... have a desk agenda, that i upgraded from a small ring agenda. it's impossibly hard to write in the damned thing, so i got the desk agenda cuz it's bigger and cheaper than a medium or large agenda with the snap button. desk agenda doesn't have a snap button closure, but it does the deed fine. i'm actually thinking of selling it if you're interested.
IntlSet- I agree that the agenda will have a better resell value and it will last longer than the electronic devise. I actually just recently lost my cell and am FURIOUS that all my numbers are lost and I don't have a backup copy of it, maybe it's a sign??!:idea:

frozen7313- Thanks for your offer for the desk agenda, what canvas of agenda are you using and how durable are they? I am actually looking for the smaller size ones that I can fit in my purse and bring with me but I am pretty open to suggestions right now
mine is the Monogram Canvas, and it's pretty durable. I've had it for less than a year, that's for sure. The inside front has one pocket to hold folded papers (11.5" x 8.5" regular paper folded in half), a small pocket in front of it for business cards, small papers, and a small half pocket in the inside back cover.

no vachetta on it at all, so it never ages.. at least, never shows sign of aging except for stray stitching here and there, but like i said, mine is less than a year old so it's still pretty much brand new. mine's made in spain, CA0045 date code.
I'm not a tech-fan so I'd say LV agend. I have the vernis framboise and I just love it. I always used an agenda I still have an ipaq somewhere but I think it was just to much of a hassle with it.
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I think they are very useful if you know how to use correctly.

you can do soooo many things with a PDA, not only for business, but for entertainment as well (games, aim, movie, internet surfing, and etc)
With the internet surfing, you can be on PF all day long. heheheheh.
many pda comes with a camera, so you can snap a photo and send it directly to your email and print it out when u get home.

Im sure many pda's come with a expandable memory slot for the memory card, so transferring images, contacts, and agendas to your computer is alot easier if you have a later computer that has a memory card reader... with that being said, NO usb data cable or infrared will be needed. ummmm.. AND YOU can use your pda as a cell phone and an MP3 player... and yada yada yada yada. hmmmmm. ok. lolz

But of course, I always perfer my good ol scrap book which i put alot of post it notes and written random reminders and thoughts all over the pages. lol. hahah
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WOW guys! thanks for all of your inputs! I definitely appreciate that!! I love the portability of information with the digital devise of the PDA's - but I am already always on my laptop & cell phone at work all day long. I think the idea of an agenda is definitely growing on me! :love:

Noriko- your fuchsia ostrich agenda is so gorgeous! I am glad you get to use them frequently

Tanja - vernis framboise sounds just lovely! Do they still have framboise or is it only rasberry now? I will definitely take a look when I go into the store

Poppincourt- I believe the PDA is a very powerful tool with proper use! The only thing that is really attracting me to get one is for the GPS attachment to the PDA... I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO HAVE IT because I get lost ALL THE TIME.. :shame: :lol:

thanks again for all your inputs!
I have a PDA, and I just recently bought the Koala small agenda. I love my PDA, but there is something so pleasant and reassuring about writing things down on paper. Batteries never die in an agenda. ;)