LV Agenda in small or medium, mono or epi?

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  1. The medium is 5 1/2 x 7 1/2. $435
    The small is 4"x6" $280.
    The koala agenda pm 4"x6" is $335

    They sound fairly similar, but in pictures the pictures of the medium look pretty big. On any given day I write a list of things I have to do, plus detail any spending, is the small likely to be too small for this? I can't find pictures of the pages so I don't know.


    Pictures from eluxury
  2. My friend had the agenda that zipped around & it was gorgeous! I'm not sure what size it was, but it fit everything very nicely without being too large.
  3. Black Multicolore Small Rnig Agenda!!! Only $400!!! It's effing cute. :nuts:

  4. ^^^it is :biggrin: I'd have gotten this one but I dont like how the patina looks uneven around the closure since its not as exposed as the rest. Maybe in time it'll even, but it looked weird on the display model. How about an Hermes agenda! ;) Yeah I'm biased.
  5. i would get the koala one. its cute :biggrin:
  6. I like the epi and koala agendas.
  7. I loooove the MC agendas. I'd like to get the massive, ginormo one though. No way you're going to lose that baby, and you'll definitely have enough room for everything.

  8. I would go for the medium size because that's not to big to carry it with you in a bag. I've got the vernis framboise and that's a nice colour ans size. I prefer the epi ovr the mono.
  9. I've been looking for an agenda, and you have NO idea how much Noriko's purchase of her exquisite Hermès agenda, influenced me! I really want Ostrich now! Either Louis Vuitton or Hermès. :smile:

    For you, if these are the only four options... I would say a Medium Epi agenda.
  10. I think the med Epi (in RED!) one is nice.
  11. i like the koala agenda ^^, 4" x 6" is a good size, u can put it in almost every handbags, even the small ones
  12. 0o00o, i totally love the mulit colour ones!!! and also the epi!!! :smile:
  13. I like the Epi.
  14. Epi or Multicolore :biggrin: What about Vernis? I have the framboise small ring agenda and I love it :love:
  15. Hi :smile: Do you have a picture of the pages of the small agenda? Do the pages fit a lot? I'v seen some small agendas where it's almost like 3 lines for each day.