LV agenda help :)

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  1. Hey ladies and gents :smile: I just purchased a preloved LV agenda pm in the monogram canvas. I am wondering where to get those cute custom inserts at that have the cute bookmarks and the stickers of LV. I have seen them on YouTube before but it's been a while and I forgot the video. Also what pens are best for use in them :smile: thanks!
  2. There's a pen on Amazon that fits search gold zebra pen I think? It should be around $7-9. Filofax has inserts but no bookmarks or stickers. You'd want the pocket size.
  3. I hear Space pens on Amazon fit. Ive never bothered to get a pen myself...
  4. I got mine from Kikki k and use a pencil instead of a pen.
  5. You can get the inserts and bookmarks from etsy.
  6. The Tiffany handbag pen fits but is quite expensive.
  7. LV also makes a thin pen similar in size to the Tiffany pen, but for that size I prefer the Tiffany pen.

    Space pen had one too.

    Check the agenda clubhouse! Lots of recommendations for pens and inserts!
  8. I just received the cute laminated inserts I ordered from Etsy. The name of the store is PoshPlannerBoutique. You can also order normal inserts (calendar, blank pages, etc) from Amazon. Just search for pocket agenda inserts :smile: