LV Agenda Decisions and Questions


turn it upppp
Feb 24, 2006
I realize there are numerous LV agenda posts, but I think this may be a bit different.

I'm having trouble deciding which agenda to get! I don't think I want a plain one, and am leaning towards the MC one. However, I don't know which size to get, does anyone have any thoughts on this? On that aspect, I was leaning towards the smaller one. I was looking for a cerise one, but couldn't find one on ebay. Help? I just checked ebay, but am not so good with finding the authenticity in an LV item. Is it possible for someone to find an agenda in Cerise and MC for less than 400 or the cheapest auth. on ebay? I realize that the price may not differ but thought I'd see if someone could do some scouting....I dont mind used, either, Im quite open to everyone's suggestions!
Lastly, I was looking at the Vernis, and liked someone's wallet in the golden Vernis, but felt that the rasberry vernis looked a litte cheap or fake? Any thoughts?

Many Thanks, Ladies!!!:lol:
I have the small ring in Damier and I also have the epi red in mini. I prefer the mini as it is lighter. The small ring one is heavier and sometimes is a hassle for me when I travel.
I have the small ring agenda in framboise, and it is the perfect size. It fits in all my bags. At first it was a bit of an adjustment to get acquainted with a new agenda, but I love it.
killerlife said:
i ordered the cerises agenda through LV about a month ago. they might still be able to locate one for you. retail is $330.
good luck ;)

Do you have any pictures of it?:love:
Is it the same size/style as the white MC?
I find that odd though, its a limited edition but the W MC is 400?
i have the medium agenda in ebene & use it daily despite owning an iphone. I still need to write information & keep information without fearing low battery life.