LV agenda advice

  1. hello ladies .. for a while now i have noticed that i am not that organized and would really like to be. i was thinking of getting an agenda. i have the medium LV 6 ring agenda. however i no longer use it b/c it is too big. what i can do is leave it in the office OR i can get the small ring agenda , that way i can carry it with me. what do u ladies think , do u use yours ? as it is, I carry a lot so I want to make sure it's not going to be too heavy or big. right now I carry a damier hampstead GM and it's packed. Is there another agenda I should be looking at ? help me please ... :wtf:
  2. I think you should get the small ring. I have a small ring and carry it around all day every day! It doesn't add much weight to your bag and it really is so useful to have it! I am much more organized now that I have an agenda. If you leave the 6 ring in the office, then it really only helps you for work and not your personal life, whereas a small ring carried with you could do both!
  3. I have the small ring agenda also and I love it. I use it everyday. It's just the right size and doesn't take much space in my bags.
  4. I say the small ring agenda too! I just got mine a couple weeks ago and I am now organized again. :yes:
  5. I honestly dont use it for agenda i use it more as a wallet. But i love my agenda.. I have the MOno Koala ROse
  6. Oh so the medium is too big??? Hmm I need to see it IRE now. I've been thinking to buy one but I thought the small one is too small, kinda unable to write for anything. KWIM?
  7. I have a thing for agendas and I use them all the time. I prefer the small ring ones because they are not too small and not too big. It doesn't add too much weight to my bag.
  8. I have a small agenda that I use as my wallet too and I think it is the perfect size. I would like to get another one someday in either vernis, mono or I would love to find a groom one and take the stress off of my white MC for awhile. I did buy a groom pouchette wallet and I ended up taking it back because I just didn't need it, everything fits in my agenda.
  9. I use my monogram koala rose agenda every day. It is the perfect size and extremely cute.

    I buy day-to-a-page inserts from Filofax and only keep a few months at a time inside the agenda. LOVE it. Also I have had it for a year and it still looks perfect.
  10. I have a small ring agenda and I use it everyday. I only carry it with my when I need to make Dr. appointments and such. Each day I keep a to do list open on my desk,any pad will do. Only important stuff I need to remember goes in the planner. I no longer have this monster planner on my desk and when I need a planner with me it's light and easy to carry.
  11. I have the agenda and I have it with me everday! i use it for work schedule, doc appointments, parties, etc. I kinda use it as a wallet I guess..on the 3 cc slots on the side I have my doctor's business cards, and I got a white zippered compartment i put my frequent cards at cafe's I go to, and my lucky quarters are there and my MC is there too (so I don't use it...LOL).
  12. Yay small agenda! I use mine everyday (except now it's in it's dustbag for the summer). If I were you I'd look into getting a groom or panda agenda- they're so unique and beautiful!
  13. wow .. thanks for all the advice. seems the small agenda is quite popular. i'm going to the store tomm to look at it. thank you guys .. i can always count on you guys :smile:
  14. I just got the small ring agenda in damier azur and it's sooo cute. I use it all day!
  15. Another vote for the small agenda--love it. The filofax inserts are also great.

    When does LV begin giving away the 07 refills? Is that July?