LV against Ebay

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  1. Hi ladies!
    I tried to see if previously posted but didn't find it, will ask pardon if already told!

    I've read on some italian sources that LV won a fight against Google because of fakes. Now LV will probably fight (how do you say in english to start a judmental? sorry for bad english :sweatdrop:) against ebay because 90% of bags sold there are fakes and ebay doesn't care too much.
    Today, before knowing this, I did a small research on ebay Italy and noticed there were a bit less fakes than usual (screaming "I'm soooo fake" I mean), maybe they are going to cleaning a bit before it's too late.
    Let's hope ebay will become safer and many new and unexpert user won't spend a looot of money of fakes anymore!
    I think I had to share this news, maybe someone of you know even more infos. BTW have a lovely week end!
  2. I'd like to know this aswell, however I do not think it is right how LV wants to stop all foreign sellers on ebay to stop selling goods, because if louis vuitton would just sit down and discover all the authentic organizations out there it may change there mid
  3. J'aime, do you meant that it's better to find and punish directly the fake producers than punish ebay or google that are just in the middle of it?
    I think it's correct but from another point of view ebay gets money also from fake auctions and I think it's not so easy to find all the fake producers... anyway I hope it will help someone not to throw their money away for fakes! People should also understand that there are also good unbranded handbags and that an unbranded bag is 1000000 times better than a fake!
  4. Ebay also has implimented a new policy. If you have not been a consistant seller of high end goods, they are putting a limit of how many items you can list at one time. I was tying to list some of my bags from my collection and was limited to only 3 auctions. When I notified them to ask why..this is what the response was. They are trying to put an end to highjacked accounts (which a large amount of counterfiet were listed from). I was a bit miffed at first but after thinking about it..I guess I am ok with it. Anything to get the scammers outta there so shopping on Ebay can be a bit more reputable.
  5. great news!
  6. Moving this to eBay forum.
  7. I hope that it does clean up eBay. Fakes should not be sold anywhere!
  8. All I can say is "finally." I report these fake bags yet it never seems like they're deleted from ebay. Maybe now these reports will be taken seriously..
  9. Irene, Gosh, sorry for posting in wrong place :noggin:

    , I'm sorry you could sell only 3 of your bags! I didn't think this new policy could affect great and reputable sellers! I hope you are able to sell all you want without too many matters!!!

    Daffie and Lvbaby doll
    : ITA!!!
  10. yea~!! that is great news~
  11. I've posted a thread about this a few weeks ago. But basically this is what happening:

    © Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved.

    PARIS, Sept 20 (Reuters) - French luxury goods firms Louis Vuitton and Dior Couture have filed a claim for 37 million euros ($47 million) against eBay (EBAY.O: Quote, Profile , Research) saying the online auction house does not do enough to combat the sale of counterfeit goods, Le Monde reported on Wednesday.
    The newspaper said the claim, lodged with the commercial court of Paris, says 90 percent of Dior and Vuitton-branded goods sold via eBay in the second quarter were fakes.
    Louis Vuitton is owned by LVMH (LVMH.PA: Quote, Profile , Research). Dior Couture is owned by LVMH's parent company, Christian Dior (DIOR.PA: Quote, Profile , Research). Both companies are chaired and controlled by French financier Bernard Arnault.
    No one at LVMH or the commercial court could immediately confirm the report. Shares in LVMH and Christian Dior were little changed at around midday in Paris.

    Marc Antoine Jamet, a senior executive at LVMH, told Reuters last month that French industry association Unifab planned to file a claim versus eBay and other auction sites alleging they did not do enough to combat counterfeiting.
    It was not immediately clear if the LVMH and Dior claim was related to the planned Unifab case.

    © Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved.
  12. LV did win a court battle against the google in france. So i won't b suprised they will win this time though. It's a serious issue but as well LV are at fault. They refuse to help ebay on this matter and just plain ridiculous so this is very greedy of LV as they obviously know that they loose profits from ebays as well.
  13. Just out of curiousity what would the appropriate way for LV to help eBay be? Has that ever been requested?
  14. Thank you sooo much for your great contribution and I'm sorry I missed your previous post, probably the news arrived here only now :sweatdrop:
    I think it's ebay's matter to prevent fake on it, as they have to prevent all the illegal uses of the website too. I mean, they shouldn't put an employer checking all the auctions but from the other side they never consider when you report an auction about fakes... I think ebay could do more, but doesn't will to because it's a decrease of money for them....
    What are your opinions, do you think that LV should help ebay or not?
  15. I have also noticed on french ebay a lot less fakes, actually most of them seem real. And so the prices are naturally higher. Seems there is more control, I don't know what Ebay does though.