LV Adventure today

  1. I needed to go to Trader Joe's for a few things. I decided to take my Mono Alma as my bag. While I was waiting to check out the cashier was checking out my bag. When it was my turn to pay for my items, she said that is a nice LV. I said thank you, as I was taking out my Mono zippy wallet. I guess she was impressed that I had more than one LV item. Her eyes lit up. She then asked me how much did the Alma cost. I said it wasn't cheap. Then she said, no I really want to know the amount. I smiled and left.

    This is the first time someone has actually insisted on knowing how much I spend on things.
  2. Well, at least she wasn't rude or offensive about it. I'm sure some people are just genuinely curious, but normally asking a perfect stranger about the cost of their belongings is generally a no-no, IMO.....
  3. I would never ask a stranger how much they paid for something. I would say how nice it looked and that would be it.

    She was a nice lady but just seem odd to me. I didn't know if I should actually tell her or not.
  4. ;)
  5. I agree. It's rude and unethical to ask a stranger how much they pay for something...I think you did the right thing but walking away gracefully..
  6. I feel weird when someone ask me how much my LV's costs. I usually tell then I don't recall the price.
  7. I had someone ask me how much my patchwork speedy was once. I felt really strange....I didn't want to confess that it was over $2k.
  8. I have a few co-workers that will compliment my bags. On occasion they will ask what the retail was. They each have a collection of their own, so I know they aren't being judgemental.

    If others from the office ask, I tend to avoid answering the question.
  9. I can't stand that question, it embarrasses me more than the asker, I think!
  10. YIKES! I don't think that she should have asked. Props on just walking away smiling. :smile:
  11. Sometimes people are so clueless.
  12. Hmm, I have a new response...

    "A lady never discusses her finances."
  13. Some people just don't know much about LV and maybe she really wants one. You should have told her the cost.
  14. Hey Tink.. how about adding, "A Lady never discusses her finances, but yes, I'm over 40!"

    LOL... I'd rather give my age than the price of my bags! :yes:
  15. If I really wanted to know the price of something, I would either go to the store/boutique or check online.