LV addiction?

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  1. I just was reading pinky ohana's thread on her LV intervention and was thinking what would you call a LV addict?

    My name is ________ and I am a LVoholic.


    My name is ________ and I am a LV addict.

    OR ????

    All you who are addicted to anything LV what would you call yourself?
  2. i like LV-aholic. That I definitely am. I am also a tpf-aholic.
  3. Lv-acholic or Lv-addict don't care just got have it. hee hee
  4. I'm defianetly an LV addict.
  5. Hmmmmm - addict and ..oholic kinda negative and implies something you should get over.

    How about connoisseur?
  6. Yes I say ditto to Lv connoisseur.
  7. I'm an LV "enthusiast" :graucho:.
  8. I will be sometime soon. Now I'm a Chanel addict :P
  9. I am addicted to LV, and proud of it :wlae:
  10. or maybe fanatic???
  11. that's just what I was thinkimg
  12. vuittonaholic?
  13. I love it! You're right my suggestions do suggest that it is not a good thing to be addicted to LV! I am loving LV and proud of it!:tup:
  14. i think i'm more of a LV lust-a-holic. stalking this site,, and elux haha. my spending i'd say have been under control. but my lusting and wishlist is out of control! lol