LV accordeon Chain extender

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  1. Hi,

    is here ayone who can tell me if that "accordeon chain extender" was a limited item? Or where can I buy it?

    Thanks a lot, *V*
  2. I called the 866 number and asked for it, and depending on which boutique has an extra one it will vary in price. Some girls on here got it for $26, other got it for $70. So it will all depend.
    Good luck.
  3. Thank you so much :flowers: - do you have an item number?! Or do they know when I ask for the "accordeon chain"?
    How long is it?!

    Thanks, *V*
  4. What does the accordian chain extender look like? Is this be something that can be used as a pochette extender?
  5. It is the chain that comes with the Accordean Wallet. Here is a pic

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  6. Lengthwise it is about 3/4" longer than the pochette strap that comes with a pochette. It can be used as an extender or along with the pochette leather strap to add style.
  7. It's so cute! Is it better to ask for it in the store or to call eLux?
  8. There is no item number for this item I believe.
    It's a spare part piece so I would definitely call the 866 number or go into your boutique and ask.
  9. Ok, thanks - I thought that it is a seperate extender...not a replacement part...:idea:.

  10. You can get a similar chain on the LV website for US$120 called "Ring Key Chain", however it doesn't have a length for it.
  11. ^^ that is the one I purchased for my T&B cles:yes:
  12. Does anybody know where to get this chain? I have been waiting on a similar one, the Chaine Anneau but it has been sold out since January.
  13. You can get it from LV-but it depends if the SA is willing to order one for you. The first time I asked, they said they would only order if I brought in the spoilt chain as "proof" that it needed replacing. I couldn't as I was planning to use the chain with my pochette.

    Then I went to another LV boutique and the SA there was kind enough to order one for me without any questions asked. I got mine for about USD26.
  14. Ok, I will give them a call tomorrow. I have been trying to order the Chaine Anneau, which is similar but it is sold out online and in stores. My SA said that it hasn't been discontinued but sold out. Hopefully I can get this one. Thanks for the advice. :smile: