LV Accessories

  1. I was just going through my stuff and can't understand why isn't LV making cute accessories in silver. So much of the Epi line is now made with silver hardware I just wish they would make some accessories to hang off the handbag in silver as well...Come on Louie- lets get it rolling!!!:yes:
  2. I would love this too, I prefer silver. Yes louie ! make us some silver ! LOL :flowers:
  3. We need pallidium accessories for the new Epi hardware!
  4. The only silver I can think of is the glitter disco ball, and a few men's key chains. Hopefully they wil start to offer more silver accessories.
  5. I would prefer silver too. Anyway, gold look fine on LV accessories.

    **Not for Chanel..If Chanel , I prefer it in silver only**
  6. ITA!
    Except for the palladium glitter ball and the extender in the silver, there is nothing....I have asked them repeatedly at my boutique, but they just :shrugs:...
  7. I know the new cannelle epi cles has silver hardware...but not sure about others...
  8. I would love it too, i prefer silver. but i have to admit that gold on lv accessoires looks nice!
  9. ITA! one reason I haven't bought alot of epi. Only older stuff with gold hw!
  10. I agreed!!!
  11. Makes sense for LV to do silver too....I don't have any bag charms yet but it would be nice to have a choice someday:graucho: .
  12. I love the disco ball lol..that's one of my favorites that I have.
    Anyway I'm sure they will eventually since the palladium is relatively new still.
  13. I'm hoping for inclusion bracelet with silver inclusion pieces!!
  14. Inclusion with silver pieces.... hello!! I'd wear that 24/7! With some blue gems and other cool colors? Yummmmmmy! :drool:

    I definitely wouldn't mind more Louis silver accents :biggrin:
  15. This is kind cute: