LV accessories...or new wardrobe??

  1. I was planning on putting aside some money for a new agenda (damier or epi in mocha), and I've been itching for a wapity and cles as well, although I wouldn't get all 3 at once.
    On the other hand, I've also been wanted to get myself some new clothes since a lot of it is from high school or 1st year university, which was about 4 years ago. A lot of my old clothes is casual or makes me look younger than I really am.

    I was planning on getting a LOT of new clothes, but I could really use an agenda right now to keep me organized. I don't have tonnes of money, so for now it's either a few small LV items or a new wardrobe and I can't decide because it's like...why would I buy a couple of these tiny things when that money could otherwise buy me alllllll of this? haha. Does anyone else ever do this? A few times I've wanted to buy a cles but thought, "wow, the money I'm spending on this little coin purse could buy me a tonne of things from MAC...or a few pairs of jeans" etc etc. So what should I buy, an agenda or tonnes of clothes? and why!
  2. I usually have the same dilemma, but my rationalization on spending my money at Louis Vuitton is that the things I buy there will outlast all the trends and will probably last longer because of the quality. Mind you though, I do tend to LIVE in Nordstroms, but when I get the chance to travel I buy clothes abroad cause I find that they are more unique and better made...
  3. I personally think a ton of clothes. Yes, a bag is important but if you're still wearing high-school type clothes it will look really out of place, I think. As much as I love designer handbags and accessories, I think appearance is VERY important especially if you've graduated and are looking for a job or trying to advance in your career (I'm just assuming you're around this age, now). Well fitting trousers, shirts, a blazer and a couple dressy outfits can go a long way.
  4. I would do a little of both. How about a couple of nice slacks, 1 skirt and a couple of tops that will all work together, so less seems more...and just 1 LV item. Sounds like you need an agenda most.
  5. lv
  6. I agree that if your clothes are from 4 years ago and very high-schoolish, now is the time to create a wardrobe. Try getting some staple pieces rather than trendy so they are timeless. That way in the future you end up just buying a couple of pieces here and there to add to the wardrobe and your money can then go towards more LV.
  7. Thanks to everyone for their quick replies!

    A lot of the clothes I have right are hoodies, casual zip ups, and a LOT of pink. I do have some other classic, more grown up pieces, but I feel as though I'm always wearing the same thing over and over. It's just so hard to resist LV >.<
  8. Hello~ I don't know how you feel about buying used items...but you could do both that way. You could buy a gently used agenda etc.... off reputable sellers and have them authenticated. That way you will save 1/2 the price. Use the other half of what you would have spent on new clothes! Make sure you use promotions/sales/cupons for stores and you will even save more! Most people don't realize that I save thousands of dollars a year this way. Maybe you can too. Good luck:flowers: with whatever decision you make.:yes:
  9. Well it all depends on what you want or what makes more sense to you. If you can hold on buying new clothes to buy the LV accessories then do it. But if you need the clothes more then use your head and buy your clothing and if you're in desperate need for a agenda, there's plenty of manual agendas that run for less than 10 bucks in Walmart. It should be a no brainer.
  10. i love LV but if youre just gettin accessories....go for the wardrobe...clothes, purses and shoes have to be a total one wants to see someone crazy sloppy with a $1700 handbag...its all about balance
  11. Wardrobe.. I'm itching for all of the above as well, but I mean, I make do with my 5$ agenda (it's sooo cute, it's like a high school one with "hall passes" at the back haha).
  12. I agree that you should go for a new wardrobe too. Think of it this way, the LV will always be there (unless it's an LE piece) so that can go on the back burner....splurge on a new wardrobe, you'll feel so much better and I think that you should get timeless staple pieces that will last many years-the trendy stuff you will get sick of faster and maybe only get one season out of it. Have fun shopping!!! :smile:
  13. Get all the clothes during sales with discounts and all, then from the money saved, get one piece of LV accessories that you love. This way, you can enjoy both! :P
  14. clothes,then LV accesories =D
  15. i agree with most of the comments so far. go for the new wardrobe, and then when you have money left over, go get yourself the lv accessories. lv will always be there. if you need an agenda (and it sounds like you do), you can get a cheaper one year agenda until you're ready for some lv accessories action. good luck and have a happy shopping! :wlae: