LV Abbsesses

  1. Do you guys like it? Do any of you guys have one and would like to comment on it? I just bought my son one for school. Thanks
  2. I have one and loved using it. Right now my sis is using it though. :sad:

    My eyes are set on a Bosphore GM now.
  3. lucky son! I love the abbesesses! Nice choice!
  4. I love it too! It's gorgeous.
  5. I love all mono bags, but I think this is the bag that I see the most fakes of around...eeek
  6. Just as long as YOU know it's real, that's all that matters. I mean you are buying it for the quality/craftsmanship and years of durability right?
  7. i have this bag and i love it! it's my work bag... filled to the brim with paperwork/post it notes and it's all marked up with pen marks inside. >_< lol. oh well. still functions like i need it to.