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  1. I was going through my collection thread and realized that this year alone I've purchased (for LV alone):

    a) a zippy coin purse
    b) an azur mini pochette
    c) a POP scarf
    d) a black mini mc card holder
    e) a poche toilette 26
    e) a multicles rabat

    And the year isn't over yet.....:shame: (I've been eyeing the vernis zippy coin due out in Fall).

    BUT I knew I had an accessories fetish when the SA at LV was the one who had to talk me out of getting the mini lin mini pochette (it was soooo cute, but I didn't know what to use it for- he was the one who suggested that perhaps it wasn't for me, if I wasn't going to use it and if it was just going to sit in storage....:P He was very nice and said that a lot of people come and buy the accessories 'cause they're soooo cute, but then find they don't use them; which can totally be me at times!

    Which got me thinking, maybe I need to join a group for LV Accessories Addicts! So come on out and sign up if you are in need of joining this group too!:yahoo: Let's support each other!
  2. Well, I ONLY have..

    Mono Astropill keychain
    T&B mini pochette
    Vernis Ludlow
    Groom cles
    Mono Credit Card Holder
    Mono Cosmetic Pouch
    Mono Agenda
    French purse mono wallet
    Groom agenda

    It's not that much is it? And I really really want a Damier pochette. It's sooo much bigger than the mini and it's sooo cute!

    I'm Miss McCrocodile and I have an Accessories Addiction.
  3. I have too many although I'm really downsizing. I think I'd rather put the money towards bags. But accessories are so pretty....ugh!!
  4. Definite AAAAAA here.. ugh.


    Acquisitions this year include:

    - noisiette cles
    - marshmallow cles
    - MC heart
    - perle charm

    - Gucci star
    - Gucci billclip

    - Hermes dog
    - Hermes cat

    - Dior saddle coin pouch

    I GOTTA STOP ! :sweatdrop:

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  5. Of my thirty LV items, only eight are actual handbags :biggrin:
  6. Wanna post some accessory eyecandy ? :graucho:
  7. Love to! But my neighbors are having a little party which starts in 3 minutes! Must pop over there.

    I will when I get back though...
  8. I only have the Mini Pochette Accesoires Trunks & Bags!
    But I'll join. :smile:
  9. I"m an AA too!!

    This year all I've bought from LV have been accessories: Tahitiennes Stole, MC Agenda GM and one more. I'll post pics of my family as soon as I get my latest accessory!
  10. Golly, I'm definitely a reformed member. I went mad buying LV accessories when I first started collecting LV, basically because they're so cute, there are so many different versions, and they're affordable and quicker to collect than bags!

    Had had hods of them, but now have trimmed my collection right back to the essentials I'll keep. Listing would take awhile, I'll find some pics.

  11. #11 Aug 24, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2008

    Ayla -OMG it's all so cute!!!! LOVE the pic!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    I am LOVING the pics!! (FrankieP you have some amazing accessories!!!) Will post pics of mine too either later tonight or tomorrow - gotta run my Husband is calling....
  12. Argh and MC Noir Wap-Wap-Wapity! :sweatdrop:

  13. mine....
  14. some more
  15. I love the accessories..just don't have much as of yet..but working on it!! wanted to get bags first...have a mono cles and koala (mono)....have my eyes on much more!