LV 800 # found me an Azur small agenda!!

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  1. I was about to do a BIN on eBay for one at over $350 and decided to just call the 800 # and just see if they could find me one, and they did!!!! It will be here on Friday!

    My cute little Sonatine arrived yesterday, so I started my LV collection this week - you guys are so bad for my bank account!

    John and Lee - thanks so much for authenticating the Sonatine and then that agenda last night!

  2. Thats great.. Congats:flowers:
  3. congrats!! cant wait to see pictures!
  4. sure to post pics!
  5. I guess that shows there are times when the 866 operators proves useful.
  6. she was super friendly and I told her how I really wanted to find one and she looked in the system and found one and transferred me to that store and she even let them know why i was on the line so i didn't have to beg for my Azur Agenda... i do have to wait a couple weeks though to get the inserts...
  7. Darn! That's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. congrats on finding one!
  9. Congrats! :smile:

    A couple weeks for inserts? Are the inserts hard to find?
  10. Yay congrats! I can't wait to see pics of this beauty!
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