LV 2012 Agenda Refill: Worth It?

  1. LV Lovers,
    Do you think the 2012 Agenda refills are worth it? I am contemplating buying hello kitty ones from eBay which are soooo much cheaper but I am unsure. I bought my agenda mid year and I did end up buying the LV refills which I do really love but I am on the fence on this one. I mean they are after all $75 LV paper. I have a small ring agenda in damier with the trunk design on it. At heart I will always be a kid and love hello kitty but then at the same time I dont want to waste money. What do you guys think?
  2. I have a small ring agenda and after seeing the LV refill price ,I bought the hello kitty rsefill off eBay and paid almost $13.00 for it and that included shipping .
  3. I would get the hello kitty or Kate spade refills since you already have an LV set. Even though your LV set is expiring soon, are there any parts to it that you can still reuse next year and just add on to it with hello kitty or kate spade?
  4. In a way this always amazes me people will pay upwards $300 for an LV agenda cover but $75 is too much for the refills I don't want to sound *****y but it just sounds odd sometimes.
  5. I wasn't going to buy 2012 Agenda Refill but when I bought the Illustration Agenda, the SA threw in a full 2011 Refill (w/Address, stickers, map stuff, etc.) for FREE but only if I bought the 2012 Refill for 48$. I thought it was pretty worth it and caved...

    The LV Agenda Refill paper is sooo pretty with the gold edges...I think you should go for it! :woohoo:
  6. The agenda will last for more than one year to where the refill is only good for a year. I received my agenda as a gift . Louis Vuitton products have excellent quality and they do last which is why I have no problem paying over $1000 for a bag. But I do have a problem overpaying for an agenda refill that is just PAPER!!
    Now if someone can explain to me why it costs that much ( other than it's LV ),I'll hear you out !

    PS - I didn't think you were *****y .;)
  7. I do agree that the LV refills are expensive. However, I just love them. I got my agenda last year and they gave me 2010 refills for free along with my 2011 refills. I already have next year's, but I use the week-to-view so they're not just as expensive. I guess it depends whether they're worth it for you personally. To me they're worth it because I love the detail, like the gold edges, and the illustrations dotted throughout the pages. And the bookmarks! Filofax would be a cheaper option but unless there's a drastic price increase on their paper products I think I'll continue to buy LV refills.
  8. I love my LV small ring agenda. However I will not buy the pricey LV refills. Filofax all the way:smile:
  9. I'm buying HK ones this year too!
  10. i have recently purchased the illustration small ring agenda, and my sweet SA also told me that if i purchase the 2012 refill pack they will give me the 2011 refill pack free of charge:yahoo::woohoo: I was so happy and excited that didnt feel sad for spending almost 400$ for agenda and its papers, i guess for the first time it really worth all the penny i paid, but for the future as per 2013 i will probably get hello kity of eBay...
  11. I'm glad you started this thread. I am using Filofax this year but I think I'm going to buy the LV refills for next year, just because I want to get the extras with it(maps, ruler) then I might go back and purchase the cheaper ones for the next years to come. While reading the responses here I looked at hello kitty ones and they are cute. If you are on the fence on getting the LV refill, the hello kitty ones are so cute and I think you'll love it more since you said you love HK.
  12. Absoultely worth the money. I also read how it wasn't worth the money so I ordered the Hello Kitty refills but I did not like them at all. So in the end I purchased the LV refills and I love them.. Yes it's only paper but I personally like the LV's better...
  13. I do love the LV paper no doubt but I have just been kind of debating a few things as I also use the hermes ulysse notebook as a journal so i dont really use the note paper in the LV agenda. I just use the week to view to write when bills are due, bdays, appointments, etc. so I just started to think if it was really worth it. Does anyone have the 2012 refills that they can post pics of? I want to see the images that they used this year. The LV refills never sell out so if the hello kitty or kate spade ones dont work I can always repurchase LV.

  14. I still have the ruler, map, stickers, page marker things and note paper. I actually took a whole bunch of the note paper out since I dont use it to write notes. I have the address book in there as well since I do use that to write down addresses. I do like the kate spade idea since its a tad more mature that hello kitty.
  15. i love lv refills but the papers are sooo thin!! i just hate that. i get kate spade.