LV 2008 China Run collection

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  1. hi guys,

    Look what i've found on a french fashion blog :

    New LV 2008 China Run mono Collection :

    - Keepall
    - Naviglio
    - zippy organiser
    - pochette cles
    - sneaker

    Love the naviglio and pochette cles.

    What do you all think ?


    Attached Files:

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing!! So cute!!
  3. love the stripes, but what is the crest about? an event?
  4. ooohhh! I like the aviators!!!:drool: the shoes look good too
  5. It's kind of cool, but i'd rathe rhave personalized items. Like the aviators tough!
  6. That's what I'm wondering. The Olympics maybe?
  7. cute!
    did the magazine say anything about the reason behind this line?
  8. That's quite cute, it gives it a very sporting look !
  9. The china run in a race in china with vintage car, so the crest/shield represent a sport car with chinese background.

    Sounds cool !

  10. oh WOW!!!! :nuts: i love the stripes on this. would anyone have a close up of the crest? i wonder if it would be similar to the ones they've done previously on Utah leather for the LV Classic Boheme Run:
  11. thats nice to show homage to the china run! deffinately not girly peices though..
  12. Neat :nuts: Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  13. Cool. Thanks for posting the pics.
  14. Very personalized !! I think it makes a great keepsake to that event!
    I wonder though, it the paint "flakes" off over time ??? (i believe they are hand painted on...)
  15. I love stripes