LV 2007 agenda refills are in

  1. I was at the Valley Fair store today and they said the 2007 agenda refills are now available. :smile:

    However, they aren't on eLuxury yet.
  2. what is the theme for 2007 refills??
  3. Wow, that's early, no? :confused1: It's barely October. Guess you have to plan ahead. ;)
  4. thats nice to know! Thanks!
  5. I didn't think to ask what theme they were. Sorry.

    They did confirm no more Cerise refills. :crybaby:
  6. I didn't really notice a theme on mine..there are just a few vintage ads and pictures scattered throughout the pages. I got them when I got the Suhali agenda a couple weeks ago; my SA told me to get them now instead of waiting until after the new year because my store sells out FAST.
  7. I got mine about three weeks ago. The theme is similiar to this year's except the color is blue (the little stickers are dark blue rather than brown) Vintage ads too.
  8. They're even out here and we are usually waaaaaay behind. I just got the refill for my MC agenda. I like the blue stickers better than the brown.
  9. I ordered mine yesterday in addition to a new pearle small ring agenda...
  10. i dont know if anyone noticed but normally around late september, on the diary pages itself got notifications for ordering next year refill..

    so im assumming that the new year refill should be available around that time..
  11. It's important to start planning your future around late September...:flowers:
  12. :shame: I like the ones from day planner better
  13. I bought them about a month ago with my groom agenda...i haven't opened them yet so who knows what it holds!!!! :smile:
  14. I bought the 2007 refills a long time ago! Haven't really opened since it is not 2007 yet!lol!