LV 2006/7 fall

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  1. Hi guys
    I just checked out the 2006/fall/winter LV fashion show, What did you guys think?
    Do you like what you see?

    Some of the bags I didn't like...... I thought some were way too big. The giant multicolor fur bags I don't think I can pull off

    It seems that they will come out with a black vernis.. I will definitely get my hands on those!
    I can't wait!!!!!!

    Also I just wanted to ask....

    (1) Do all the bags you see in the shows eventually make their way to the stores?

    (2) Why aren't we seeing some of the key bags (the bags that look like scarves or the ones with chain link decorations) from spring/summer in the stores? Is it still too early?
  2. Oops... sorry I didn't realize there was already a thread with this topic!!! :P

  3. That's ok! :amuse:
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