LV 2 strap shoulder bag

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  1. I have the mono Galliera and would like a 2 strap shoulder bag. Any recommendations? I'm considering the Evora, but am concerned that the leather may not soften as much as the vachetta. How does the leather on the Damier Ebene age?
  2. I actually use no-name Vachetta straps that I purchase directly from a leather manufacturing company (I believe they're out of Texas).

    I started doing this because I always wear copious amounts of sunscreen (I live in Phoenix, AZ) and I was ruining my Louis Vuitton leather. These replacement straps are still 100% Vachetta leather (and, will actually patina the same way as LV leather), but are incredibly inexpensive, so I don't care if I ruin them with lotion/sunscreen.

    I'll have to go through my email to get the company name/website, so in the meantime, here's a link from an ebay store that carries them:
  3. I just realized I posted this to the wrong thread... oops! Sorry!
  4. I live in Austin so the link to the site will be awesome. I too wear tons of sunscreen and this may solve my issue with the DE. I'll check the link, but if you have the name I would appreciate it. Thank you so much.
  5. Totally MM in DE. Tried it on this week and straps are way softer than some of the other DE straps. There's also the Westminster (similar to the Totally, but doesn't have the outside pockets on the ends). The Rivington. Similar to a Speedy but with longer straps and a wider opening (I have this bag). Of course there's the NF but doesn't have a zip top. There's several others. It just depends on what your looking for besides 2 straps.
  6. I need to look into the Rivington. Thanks.
  7. Totally.
  8. I greatly adore my EvoraMM. There are some excellent YouTube video reviews. I get quite a few compliments, too!
  9. marylebone