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  1. Ok, Hermes Experts--I need some help!

    I'm a TOTAL newbie, not even sure if I like Hermes. (I have issues with their snotty, attitude-filled SAs--so I don't even know if I like the idea of spending my money with them)

    So does anyone know anything about Luxwear? I think they do auctions on ebay and sell Hermes on their site. And I read somewhere that they're legit. But how to they get all their bags? Are they really legit?

    Has anyone actually purchased from them? I'd love to just walk into Hermes, plunk down my money in cold-hard cash and get my bag. But that doesn't sound too realistic... So Luxwear might be an option.

    Any info on them would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  2. I have heard from others that Luxwear is legitimate, but that they have serious markups on their bags. Also I hear that jemznjewels is another legitimate site, but again, markups are a little bit rough.

    If you want a kelly, it would not be too hard to just walk into a boutique and buy one IF they have one. Most Hermes stores seem to have at least one on the floor (at least whenever I go into a boutique there is always one or two). Its the birkins that require pulling teeth to gain access in an actual store.
  3. Hi Wicked! Sorry I don't have any info on Luxwear - the bags look good though! I have bought from Montecarloclub and Lucyndskywdmds and been very happy with both! I'm sure others will be able to help though....good luck with your quest!
  4. Thanks! I'm more in my "information-gathering" phase. I figure since there's not a Consumer Reports on purses, I'll have to collect my own information and make my own comparison chart!
  5. Luxwear is legit and I've heard good things about dealing with her. :smile:
  6. Hi Wickedassin, from what I know Luxwear is legit & I've also heard good things from others who have dealt with her. She gets most of her bags on consignment from other customers.
  7. Sorry Wicked. I don't know anything about Luxwear.:unsure:
  8. Ditto on the above positive comments on luxwear
  9. That's ok! Thanks for letting me know. I know everyone has "heard" good stuff about them... I was hoping that someone here has actually PURCHASED from them and can personally vouch for them...
  10. Hi wickedassin. Yes, I can vouch personally for luxwear. I bought my 25cm bicolor from her. She is a true professional and is extremely helpful. Answers emails promptly. I received the handbag within 1-2 days. I would DEFINITELY DO BUSINESS WITH HER AGAIN!! :nuts: Feel free to PM me.

  11. drtng... I thought I've seen your 25 somewhere, turns out my hunch is right, I've been lusting after that bag on eBay for a long time! Lux relisted that bag several times before it sells to you..
    I remember thinking, should I get it or not (coz of the size). I mean, if it was a 30, I would've snap it up!
  12. I have just bought from Luxwear for the first time - the bag arrived one day later (Oversea transaction from US - UK!!)!. It was a perfect transaction - in every way. The items itself was immaculate! I am definetly going to purchase from them again & can highly recommend Luxwear !!!
  13. ps did i mention the bag is SOOOOOo amazing! :smile: I m so happy
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