luxwear on line

  1. Has anyone purchased from luxwear online Thanks
  2. I bought from her a few months ago, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Lovely bags, great service and not outrageously overpriced!
  3. Very good service! I recommend!!! :tup::tup::tup:
  4. Not overpriced? I just looked at her 35cm Togo Birkin in Gold, 13950 USD!!! :wtf:
    I don't know, how much you guys are used to pay in the States, but to me this seems to be absolutely outrageous!!!
  5. I agree with maitai, prices seem too high, unless they are negotiable - are they?
  6. What about customs? anyone know..
    Yes 13950.00 for a gold birkin is a bit much
  7. Luxwear does have a few Birkins that are priced relatively lower than others. But if you compare Luxwear with CDL or Mightykismet, I think she is still lower than them. I think she will declare whatever value you ask her to declare. I asked her to declare the full value, though, so I pay customs and taxes. Render unto Caesar, etc...
  8. most of the online resellers (luxwear, CDL, etc) all seem to have sales going on right now. They are selling very very close to boutique prices and if you add in the fact that we dont have to pay tax online sometimes the prices come out to be the same or even cheaper than H.
  9. I think everything on luxwear is overpriced in general even with the discounts. Unless it is one or two older items (older stamp years), with less popular leather/ style/ color choices.

    Same thing with the other eBay resellers. I don't understand who actually buys from these resellers. Unless they live in countries where obtaining an Hermes piece is literally impossible, or they want something really exotic and they can't wait.

    I can justify a little bit of markup after all they do this for a business, and they do have some selection. But 30-50% markup is really unjustifiable!:tdown:
  10. Hi Ladies. I was just doing research in this site about Luxwear. She has a great selection like Createur but I guess I'm nervous she only takes bank wire transfer. Has anyone who's purchased from her had the bags authenticated? Other sites take Paypal & I guess I'm just nervous to wire money from my bank to hers before I actually get the bag mailed to me. Help! I saw a few great bags on Luxwear site but not sure if I should take a leap of faith.
  11. Yes I have and everything went well J is a wonderful person to deal with gets back to you very fast and even after the sale she has answered any questions I had. I would definitely shop with LUXWEAR again :yahoo:
  12. I absolutely agree with MaiTai, 25% over boutique price is too much.
    As to d&t issue, you always have a chance that your parcel is checked buy authorities. And believe me, there are less incompetent people working there than we generally think. Thus, full d&t amount can be applied though a lesser value is indicated.
    I wouldn't play this game.
  13. What is over priced when you want it.... want it...want it
    I love the 35cm ciel. Ciel is a really a refined blue... sumptuous and versatile even with jeans…wallet be still!
  14. Has anyone purchase from Luxwear lately? I know some of you have great experience with them in the past like 2007 and 2008. How about now in 2011? I remembered reading some lady complained in Jan. 2011 on Yahoo that she purchased 3 Birkins from Luxwear and then find out they are not authentic??This really freaks me out as I was about to purchase something from them. Ladies, please share your thoughts and all your opinions are appreciated.
  15. I have already responded to this issue....This story is pretty unbelievable. The person who made that post was not my client and had no proof of purchase from me. Please stick to this forum to research me as the internet is full of scammers who are jealous of honest people. Just do a search on this forum for "luxwear" and I think you will find your answer. Also - please feel free to contact me directly with any issues you may have.