Luxwear - ebay vs. website pricing discrepancies?

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  1. Hi all - I noticed Luxwear is listed as one of the reputable sellers in the sticky, but I noticed they have a link to their eBay auctions as well - I'm confused because it appears that the "buy it now" prices on their eBay auctions are somewhat lower than the list prices on the website, for what appears to be the same bag.

    For example, on the website, the 25mm 2007 Vert Anis Ostrich Birkin is listed for $13,700, but the same bag appears for $10,150 (plus $100 S&H) in Luxwear's eBay auction listing linked from the website itself.

    Does anyone know why? I'm about to buy my first ever Birkin :yahoo: so I just want to make sure I'm informed. Thanks!
  2. She doesn't update her website that often. You can e-mail her quoting her eBay prices, and if you complete the transaction off eBay, you will pay the eBay prices plus she throws in free shipping.

    She has some really fantastic deals right now.
  3. great to know - thanks roxane! I can't wait to get my first one . . . I'm paralyzed by indecision on color right now . . .
  4. Go to your wardrobe, stare at it, and see what would work best!
  5. I definitely second this opinion. Look at your closet and decide if you want your bag to be a pop color or a netural color.

    Goood luck on your quest for your perfect birkin! :smile::smile: