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  1. Has anyone bought a scarf from them?
  2. ME! It's the real deal and arrives VERY fast. It was in excellent condition wrapped in scarf box. I love it and will buy more from them! No problems at all.
  3. I haven't yet but I just starting looking at the website today and sent the link to DH. :graucho: Scarf heaven!!!
  4. Yep! And they also have some fabby vintage ones! I've been looking for the greyhound print for day I know it'll show up at LuxScarves. I keep checking though!
  5. I love their site......I have a wishlist scarf there!
  6. Me too! I also have a wishlist on their Lux-Zurich site....although I keep adding and changing and adding and changing.....
  7. :lol:
  8. So, they are Luxury-Zurich? Thanks for clarifying that.
  9. They have so many pocket squares that I am drooling for. But :noggin: me I need to move first. We are looking at houses in Sonoma this week. :yahoo:
    But there is this dark blue pocket square scarf....oh it is calling my name! ;)
  10. WOWH!!!! Hold the phone everyone! I just did a double-take here and I have to clarify that is DIFFERENT than LUXURY-SCARVES.COM is Luxury-Zurich! I don't know who is and I've never ordered from them. Oh, I hope I didn't confuse everyone....actually for a while there I confused MYSELF!!! is the guys. NOT

    Oh boy.....whew!
  11. Oh! I was talking about too. :shame:
  12. Yeah is just a horrible directory thing with nothing in it.
  13. In any event, it seems like a great site to browse for Hermes scarves! Thanks for the info. :rolleyes:
  14. I was also talking about I have my eye on 2 pockets and a large scarf.
  15. Which ones Juliamike?