Luxury-Zurich on eBay???

  1. Just logged onto eBay to check out vintage handbags and up pops Luxury-Zurich with the most YUMMY things for sale....has anyone dealt with or know anything about this seller? Has LOTS of Hermes (which is why I posted this in the Hermes forum...)
  2. I've seen this seller pop-up several times in eBay with Hermes stuff. I just browse through the things for "visual pleasure" but I don't know if it's legit or not.

    I prefer to buy Hermes at the boutiques... even if I have to wait.
  3. I've wondered the same thing for a while... sure has a lot of Hermes accessories and Kellys.
  4. I know and agree but I'm in love with the vintage stuff and don't know where else to find it except on eBay....

    although La Vanguardia I would love to own the bag you have....I love the shape! What's it called?
  5. LeVan has the Paris Bombag bag in medium! It is gorgeous!

  6. Thanks. I love it too!
    It's called the Paris-Bombay in PM size.
  7. He's definitely legitimate and very good to work with. Many of his Hermes items are vintage or from the sales. I've noticed that he usually doesn't state that an item was from an Hermes sale but he does photograph the "S" blindstamp. Just FYI!
  8. ^lucyndskywdmnds - you're the greatest!
  9. Hmmm.... that's not exactly very honest then :hrmm: JMHO!!
  10. HermesAddiction, I don't like that he doesn't actually state that certain items are from the Hermes sales. IMHO, I don't think the photographs of the "S" are enough. As far as authenticity, however, he's definitely legitimate and from my experience, he's pretty prompt to answer questions.
  11. Are small leather items marked in "S" old surplus or let's say "B" quality?
  12. La Vanguardia, from what I've seen for myself at the sales and on eBay, both! Not all, however. I've seen perfectly fine accessories (to me, anyway) that were on sale. There's a Turquoise Chevre Mysore agenda on eBay by Luxury-Zurich that I have my eye on but it has unsightly "waves" in the leather. I'll have to pass. :sad: And yes, this is a sale item!
  13. Thanks. I've never seen sale items so I'm really curious.
  14. I'm wondering if the sale items are some of the display accessories. When I bought my agenda, my SA made sure I got a brand new one from under the counter - as if the stack of them in the case was just to let the customer know what they had more of underneath.
  15. You guys are the best! I'm always looking for the vintage Hermes and he's got a few listed....thank you!