Luxury Stays Bubbly: Watches, Bags Drive LVMH Sales Up 10.5%

  1. Luxury Stays Bubbly: Watches, Bags Drive LVMH Sales Up 10.5%
    By Miles Socha
    PARIS — Consumers are still lapping up luxury on a worldwide scale.

    Signaling continued momentum for the high-flying sector, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton beat forecasts Tuesday and reported a 10.5 percent rise in second-quarter sales to 3.41 billion euros, or $4.29 billion, headlined by strong demand for logo handbags, champagne and high-end watches.

  2. I wonder who made contribution.:love:
  3. I did! lol like $3k lol
  4. ummm...I've got over 3K in there too lol I'm bad!
  5. Wow man, imagine if they knew what all of us put together contributed to that????/ It's got to be HUGE!!!!
  6. I wonder how much of this profit increase has to do with the price increases themselves? For example, LV raised their prices twice a year, which in total is a price increase of over 10% per year (10-15% in some cases). And that coincides with this 10.5% increase in second-quarter sales.
    I think there is a correlation.
  7. eyelove - just as their prices increase, so I'm sure do operating costs. A 10% increase in prices very rarely equals a simple 10% increase in profits. While operating costs can be driven down through attempts at increasing efficiency, other costs, such as that of raw materials, real estate, salaries, and marketing rise constantly. Price hikes are certainly not arbitrary, and while certainly profits are partial motivation, they are surely not the only one.
  8. :love: I should own stock in LV by now!:love: