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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was last week in Zurich and looked around a bit at Luxury shops and thought I share my experience with you.

    The shop is huge. There are so many beautiful things there did you do not know where to look first. They have an incredible number of bags.

    The sellers were very friendly and advised me long and patient. All bags that I've seen were in very good condition.

    The saleswoman told me that they have 98% of online goods directly to the shop. I could look at all the bags that I wanted. They were very courteous and not arrogant, as I unfortunately know it from a few other stores.

    It is in my opinion an absolutely trustworthy shop. I found a totally beautiful Dior bag.

    If you're in Zurich, take the time and look over there. I will from now on every time I'm in Zurich stop by.
  2. If it's the same shop I have bought several things from them...I'm in the US. I worked with Mario and they are very accommodating. Accurate descriptions and fast S/H, too!