1. Wow- just got a call back about the Black MC Audra they have (ONLY $1066!! and COMPLETELY brand new)! Anybody ever purchase from here? He said that the shipping is free, but what other things are to consider when buying internationally?
  2. Yes, I have purchased from there and item was authentic - great price and shipping included

    Uses Fedex so you may incur duty and courier fees
  3. I've seen positive comments on this forum about that site.
  4. Oo:huh:! Great price!
  5. Looks like, it is cheaper than eluxury.
  6. Ask which method of shipping they are using. There could be customs, tax and fees due. Shipping time could be longer than usual but as long as it has tracking (and insurance), no worries.
  7. FABULOUS seller (he is a member here too)! They use FedEx (if I am not mistaken). I believe they could mark it "GIFT" for customs (to avoid duties, etc.).:yes: