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  1. ok. i saw someone post an advertisement for this website, and i saw this yellow lv that i really liked.... i can spot fakes, but not REALLY good fakes...
    could someone please tell me if this is reliable?
  2. Hi yes, the items on this site are authentic. It is a second hand site but some items are new, so they have some new Louis Vuitton. and they dont have multiples of items.
  3. are you 100 percent sure? because i am probably going to use my xmas money on a bag from there...
  4. Ive just been looking and they have some great stuff, they have a Louis Vuitton agenda made from lizard
  5. yes Im 100% sure, another PF member also suggested this site to Michelle. Its similar to let-trade and Karen Kooper
  6. ok thanks!!!!
  7. lol its ok, what bag are you thinking of getting ?. I love the John Galliano says "John Galliano's girl" LOL ! :nuts:
  8. Yes I think they are authentic.
  9. Yup. All of their products look good to me too.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.