Luxury-shop, anyone?

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  1. there is this site called LUXURY SHOP.
    anyone has experience purchasing from this site?
    I recently bought something from here, I think it's authentic. but I hope
    they can show me more pictures..
    just wanted to hear other's experiences:P
  2. I know sells very nice things.
  3. link? When I Googled, there s , .net , .it. . . .
    need a link please.
    Also, this is a shopping question so I'll move it to Chanel Shopping.
    If you're not sure if they sell authentics, you need to post in the Authenticate This! sticky instead.
  4. They got great stuff drool...........
  5. I recently got these bags from them. They are great. The bags were authentic, perfect communication, the shipping was quick and included in the price, packaging excellent and they are my first two chanel bags. I am very pleased! :wlae:
    (I got the pics from their website as I haven't had time to take my own. I hope it is ok to use it as they are my bags now... :supacool: )

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  6. Ooh. Very nice:nuts:
    I just ordered a white chanel bag from there, but the price seemed too low!
    It was a in a pretty good condition too.
    I paid about 440 for a relatively big white leather chanel bag and maybe thought it was too good to be true!:yes:

    Glad to know that they are authentic
    Thanks guys!

  7. i have heard about them. always want to order from them. but they ship from europe, right? icckkk.... i dont want to have to pay customs....