Luxury Shamed

  1. Have you ever been luxury shamed? Has someone ever shamed and made you feel bad for buying/owning luxury goods?
    I recently got shamed for my love of Louis Vuitton and owning so many. It really got to me and its still kind of bugging me. How do you get over it? I feel crummy :sad:
  2. Fortunately, I have never been "shamed" by anyone. However, there are times that I do feel shamed when I see people struggling financially.

    I guess I need those times to put things in perspective, and realize there is more to life than material goods.
  3. Sorry dat you feel this way... but can I know who is dat someone? For me, usually its myself who feels guilty at times for spending $$ on luxury items. But who doesn't feel so anyway, haha... IMO, as long as you feel happy and it doesn't hurt anyone, why can't we pamper ourselves? Afterall, its your own hard earned money. Life is too short to dwell on such things. Hope u cheer up soon.
  4. Do you mind sharing what happened? I think we could relate better if we knew what you experienced....sorry someone made you feel badly over something you loved.....
  5. I think its just my tendancy to take on-board anything anyone says.
    It was one of my really close friends and well long story short he said that Im insane to spend so much money on bags and clothes and that im materialistic and a bunch of other things that I cant exactly remember (I was eaves dropping when I heard this, which I think was kind of adding insult to injury) but basically that the amount of money I spend on things is crazy and now I just feel bad for some reason.
  6. Ppl should "live and let live"! If wearing/carrying lux items makes you feel good, do it! Don't try to live by someone else's standards!!! :yes:

  7. If I were you I wouldn't think twice about that, it's probably just jealousy :flowers:

    I think to each their own and as long as you are financially well who dares to tell you what you have to spend your hard-earned cash on :yes:

    People always frown about women who "indulge" in fashion, but I know so many guys who spent 1000s of $$$ a year for their cars (new rims, body-kit, etc) or tech gadgets. They don't need that, it's just fun for them, but everybody seems to accept that :nogood:
  8. what i usually do whenever i spent on "luxury goods", i donate an equal or sometimes half the amount to charity. that way, i can rein in my extravagance and help the poor in my own way. am i foolish?
  9. Aww cheer up sweetie :smile:

    I adore LV, Chanel, Gucci, etc and I've had people look at what I wear/carry/drive with an incredulous expression. I've had someone scoff and comment that it's a complete waste of money, that there are people struggling out there in the world, that I'm so materialistic, etc.

    In the beginning I was a bit like you - feeling kind of down and out about it. Then I realised that there is nothing wrong with liking and buying luxury items and that friends shouldn't judge friends by such things. The person in question could only see me as the 'girl toting the LV bag' and couldn't see beyond that. I know that I'm not a snob and I don't dress garishly. They didn't even bother to see that I actually do a lot of meaningful community work on top of everything else in my life.

    Basically what I'm trying to say is that a friend that makes you feel like crap for no good reason is not a friend at all. It's not you who should be reassessing yourself, but your (judgmental) 'friend'.
  10. Thanks guys, Im starting to feel a lot better now. :smile:
  11. Sorri to say dat, but if its one of ur really close frenz, they should understand ur personality & all... Loving luxury items doesnt = materialistic, insane & all... sometimes it could mean dat we appreciate d finer things in life, ain't luxury all about that... hmm... Anyway, I don think u own ur frenz any explanation on how u choose to spend ur money. Hope u don't think too much. U simply cant control what other pple think, and I understand how it feels, all d more it comes from a close fren. Glad u feel better now. :smile:
  12. The real shame is that your letting it bother you! Forget that person and enjoy what you have! Life is short, enjoy your things and dont pay any attention to haters!
  13. Dont let it bother you.
  14. is ur money and u have absolutely full rights to spend and enjoy it

    anyone who makes u feel uncomfy for saying such things are not worthy of being someone close to u

    the only good thing, its like ... its still make us think as well, not the best feeling i guess ... thats all
  15. I have, a couple of my friends (younger girls) go on and on about my bags and how they wish they could have just one, etc. I know they really love them and makes me feel a bit bad that I can have them and they don't even have money to live on their own or have a car, but I then remind myself I didn't have them at 19 either! My family makes me feel bad too, but they are used to how I am so they mostly just roll their eyes!