"Luxury Retailer" Employment

  1. Hi. Does anyone here work as an SA at Louis Vuitton,Gucci, Fendi,Dior,etc. ? If you do how did you get the job and what do they look for,do you need a lot of experiance? I'm going to start college in a few weeks and could definitely use a job!! Figured I should try to get a job somewhere I love lol.
  2. I have never done a job interview, but I wish you well:tup:,

    I suppose they look at confident, amiable people...Good Luck, they get great discounts:yes:
  3. it helps to know someone, like the manager. make nice, and after a few times of seeing each other mention you're looking for a new job... be confident, and dress the part. be extremely friendly and outgoing. be warned... working in a department store can have you shooting for monthly sales goals, and they may force you to sell sell sell. if you dont sell sell sell you run the risk of not keeping your job. :shrugs: thats the only downfall to Saks, etc.

    also know that working for LV, Gucci etc.. you need to have good credit, believe me, they will pull your credit report! I had 0 credit when I was going to work in orlando at milenia, and settled for Max Studio- even they pulled my credit. everyone i knew from LV, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, and Cartier all had their credit pulled, some even had background searches.. kinda scary to sell acessories.
  4. Are you serious? I know that by law they can do background check, but your credit? wow:wtf: Is that a bit much....Anyway I love the Milenia Mall, I used to live in Northen Fl....I love south Fl much better.....:yahoo:
  5. i'm a SA at vuitton, pm me if you like :smile: