Luxury medium bowler or Coco cabas large black vinyl

  1. :confused1: I'm in love with these two bags, Luxury gold medium bowler & Coco cabas large black vinyl... but I can only choose one :crybaby:

    Which one will you choose?
  2. I really love the Black Coco Cabas :heart:!!!
  3. It depends on what you will be using it for, IMO. Do you carry around tons of stuff? The Luxe bowler is very roomy, but it won't fit as much as the Coco Cabas. My vote personally goes for the Luxe bowler because I LOVE it. It's big enough to carry what I need during the day, but it's still small enough to take with me at night. :smile: Also, the Coco Cabas was way too big for my 5'2" frame, so that has a lot to do with my opinion, too.
  4. Coco Cabas In Vinyl!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ohhh..tough choice.

    I vote for the Coco Cabas - it's such a gorgeous bag!
  6. Coco Cabas!
  7. i rather the Lux bowler, only because i find that size perfect for all my stuff. To me the coco cabas is too big.
  8. Luxury by Chanel Bowler...hands down!! That vinyl bag is useless, IMO....
  9. One more vote for the Luxe bowler!
  10. I have the Lux bowler myself (in black goatskin) so I'm bias to it. There is a big hype around the vinyl cabas but it's more of a fashion statement piece than a practical piece.
  11. vinyl cabas... i think it's pretty, i'm still going to buy it even though it's not covered in magazines...
  12. I go for coco's casual & funky..
  13. i would go for the lux bowler! you could get more wear out of it, for both day and night, whereas the vinyl cabas is not suitable for night wear since its too big
  14. Thanks everyone!!!
    :wondering OMG... hard to choose.