Luxury Luggage *pics*

  1. Luxe Luggage
    Shivani Vora
    Tired of hauling that beat-up black suitcase to chi-chi spots like Monaco and the Maldives?

    Now you don't have to.

    Instead, take a Lacoste duffel on that Grecian getaway or a Kate Spade polyvinyl wheelie aboard your next flight to Saint Barts. You'll soon find them and other chic bags popping up on baggage carousels from Madrid to Mexico.

    "As wealthy consumers travel more, and more millionaires are minted, luggage is a differentiator. People increasingly want to show up with the best luggage," says Milton F. Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute, a ratings and research firm that focuses on the top 10% of America's wealthiest. He says that since all travelers need luggage, companies such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada are taking advantage of selling expensive pieces to consumers.

    But it's not just the world's top fashion houses targeting consumers who want to travel in style. Traditionally staid suitcase companies are also going after this demographic.

    Pretty Pieces
    Samsonite, the luggage company with a reputation for functional and practical pieces, unveiled its Fashionaire line in March. Actress Christina Ricci appears in its advertising campaigns. The collection is a series of bold, hip, black-and-white floral patterned pieces that are pricier than standard Samsonite fare. The Wheeled Upright from Samsonsite's Black Label Fashionaire line, for instance, is $475; a similar bag from the company goes for $200.

    "We want consumers to think of the travel bags we make as fashion accessories, not just a functional item you purchase when you need it," says Stephanie Goldman, marketing manager.

    But who wants to spend big bucks on pricey pieces certain to be subjected to scuffs and scratches? Americans, apparently.

    The average price of a piece of luggage sold last year jumped 22.1% over 2005, according to data from the Princeton-based Travel Goods Association, the national organization for the travel goods industry.

    Of course, gear perfect for a jaunt to the country club might not be so good for a break in Brazil.

    Best Bags
    Spending a week in Europe hopping between boutique hotels? Then consider investing $625 in Tumi's T3 Ducati Total Transporter 26". This bag is part of the company's racing-inspired travel collection, Tumi+Ducati. Its bright orange fabric and silver edging means it will fit in among the sea of chic carryalls, but its abrasion- and stain-resistant fabric adds to its durability.

    If you're going to stay at a sophisticated hotel like the Four Seasons or One & Only, only a timeless bag will do. Louis Vuitton's Vernis Pegasse 50 will be available next month for an estimated price of $2,130. Stylish can be classic; this luxury leather piece fits the bill.

    Men, take note: Non-boring luggage is within your reach, too. The $525 Burberry Brit Check Duffel proves that the piece you take on your next guy getaway can be stylish and masculine.

    Indeed, trendsetting luggage isn't only for women.

    Karen Giberson, president of the Accessories Council, the trade group for the accessories industry, says companies are striving to reach out to the fashion-conscious male traveler.

    "Men are more aware of the luggage they carry, and it's a status symbol for them," she says. "Fashionable luggage is absolutely not limited to women."

    And certainly not limited to a certain price point. But then again, this isn't your average luggage. Won't it be worth it to be free from blah beige and black travel pieces and turn heads with the bags you carry?


  2. [​IMG]
    Best Bag For A Boutique Hotel
    Tumi T3 Ducati Total Transporter 26"
    Spending two weeks in chic boutiques? Consider bringing this bag, part of Tumi’s racing-inspired travel collection, Tumi+Ducati. It’s stylish with bright orange fabric and silver edging, but it’s also durable since it uses abrasion- and stain-resistant fabric.
    Best Bag to Make a Fashion Statement
    Samsonite Black Label Fashionaire Wheeled Upright
    Black-and-white floral prints define this collection, which debuted earlier this year and is a reinterpretation of a line the company had in the 1960s.
    Best Lightweight Bag
    Bric’s Hardcase 26" suitcase
    This suitcase weighs about 6 pounds when empty and is completely waterproof. A new spring/summer style from the "Sintesis Ego” collection, it arrived in stores last month.
    Best Bag for the Country Club
    Lacoste Medium Duffel
    This tote, part of the company's vintage collection, can be your consolation prize if you lose a tennis match. It boasts eyelet detailing and antique-style brass fittings.
    Best Bag for an Uber-Luxe Resort
    Louis Vuitton Vernis Pegasse 50
    Estimated price: $2130
    Planning a trip to the Four Seasons Nevis? Naturally, you need a piece of luxe leather luggage to match your upscale surroundings. Enter the LV Vernis Pegasse 50, available in June.


  3. [​IMG]
    Best Bag for Toting Clubs
    Mullholland Brothers Golf Bag
    Top-of-the-line clubs deserve a top-of-the-line bag. This one, by family-run leather company Mullholland Brothers, is made of Nubuck that wears well and only becomes softer over time.
    Best Bag for a Weekend at the Beach
    LeSportsac Large Weekender in Gelato
    Heading to your summer home? Throw your clothes into this brightly colored bag. It’s super light and made of rip-stop nylon, making it tear-free. It’s also water resistant, so no need to worry about saltwater splashes.
    Best Bag for a 14-Day Excursion
    Longchamp “Boxford” Boarding Case with Wheels
    On a two-week trip, you need a roomy bag that can stand up to the wear and tear of constant use. Incorporating a cowhide trim, this bag looks good, but thanks to materials such as canvas and polyester, it is also durable.
    Best Overhead Compartment Bag
    Kate Spade Patent-Polyvinyl Wheelie
    Take this black-and-white bag on your next flight and you won’t be the person straining to stuff your too-big bag into the overhead bin.
    Best Bag for Guys
    Burberry Brit Check Duffel
    A little spooked by fashion-forward luggage? Then consider this duffel. Its signature Burberry check means it's stylish and masculine.
  4. Sorry, the links didn't work for the last two pics. But still great luggage!
  5. :love: :love: Vernis Pegasse!:love: :love:
  6. AAH THE VERNIS PEGASSE! It's so pretty ! i would be so worried it would get damaged though :sad:
  7. I would worry they would get stolen off the baggage carousel...
  8. me too... I've had nicer luggage tags get stolen off my purposefully plain luggage bags before. :sad:
  9. The way baggage handlers treat my luggage, there won't be any luxury luggage for me. :sad:
  10. The Lacoste is cute. Love the gator.
  11. Wow... the Vernis Pegasse is to die for... :drool: If I had the money right now, I would invest in one of these!
  12. I love the LV Vernis Pegasse 50!!!!!!
  13. I agree!!! If I can't take it on the plane and keep my eyes on it then im not spending alot on it.
  14. Hi! I've always wanted that Lacoste medium duffel bag. Does anyone know where I can buy it on the internet? I've looked everywhere but it seems like no one is selling it. Thanks for your help!
  15. I think the only time I would invest in a luxury piece of luggage is when buying a carry-on. I've wanted an LV Keepall for some time. I couldn't see myself using an expensive piece of luxury luggage that needed to be checked.