Luxury Line

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  1. I wasn't impressed at first ... but the line is definitely growing on me ... big time ... I was so sure the husband was going to let me buy the black metallic bowler - but he hated it ... he said it looked creepy with the way the chain is woven into the bag !!!

    How do I argue with that logic??? He says that the stitching reminds him of sewn lips at a funeral home???!!!!

    Any idea if the luxury line will have additions??? new colors/styles???
  2. Hey Wicked, we're both still up.:lol:

    Thanks for posting that pic. Will they be making wallets in the luxury line?
  3. I love the Luxury Line. The chain woven in the leather is actually one of the reasons why I love the bag. I'm interested in different styles too.
  4. Yeah, I'm a night owl! described it as a purse/wallet--I'm wondering if it's like a wristlet... I'm wondering what's actually coming out since someone else posted that her Chanel SA told her that there were NO new Luxury Line items coming out for fall....
  5. Yeah, I like the leather in the chainin the lux and in the classic flap bag! It makes it look sooo much better ;)

    So perhaps you can just tell him that you like it for that reason and that is reason enough! :smile:
  6. Is the BF buying this bag for you? This is one of the reasons I can't shop with DH....his taste is not mine. I try very hard to shop without him otherwise I wind up not buying the thing I want most and have to go back later to pick it up.
  7. Oops. Just re-read your post and it's your DH not your BF. Hmmm. SOunds like a sticky situation - I guess my practice of going back and buying what I want won't fly for you.....:sad: :sad:
  8. he has been quite generous in 'allowing' me to buy bags ... but for some reason ... he hates this one so much ... though I think I can persuade him on the red ... if it actually ever arrives in HK
  9. I'm trying really hard to love the luxury line but I still think it's a little over priced.
  10. i really love the chain woven design.. i still love my classic flap though.. its more timeless. but aaughh so many bags, so little me!
  11. I agree with u! 2000+ for a bag is a lil.. expensive. the cambon line is okay though. but im starting to fall in love with the luxury line. oh no! :weird:
  12. The more I see Mischa Barton toting her lux Chanel around, the more I want it. Argh! :shame:
  13. Does she have the regular black or the metallic black medium bowler?

    It's really growing on me as well :love:
  14. That's a good question, jenna! Hopefully someone on this forum is able to answer it for us. :amuse:
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