luxury line medium bowler

  1. what colour would yu choose? im having such a hard time deciding...def. the matte black is out..i think its too! =D
  2. Personally, I have a metallic black and I LOVE it. It's not really metallic, more like shiny leather. I'm not into the matte colors, i.e. red, coral, or cream. I think the gold is beautiful too! But you have to be into metallics for that one... I think the metallic black is probably the best "long-term" investment since the gold & silver metallics could be a little trendier.
  3. yeah..i like the metallic black...but i think the gold is really nice too..i think less of the silver...but i still cant decide between the metallic black or gold....-___-'' if only i could buy them both! HAHAH...XDD
  4. either the metallic black or the gold!!!

    K if you had to choose one, prob metallic black since you could use it whenever and never worry about the color being dated
  5. If you could get a hold of the gold one, get the GOLD!
  6. I have a Luxe piece in metallic black and it's a GORGEOUS color!
  7. metallic black!!!
  8. metallic black hands down! I have been searching for one. Where did you see this?
  9. NM downtown Dallas and in Plano, TX has some a few weeks ago.
  10. Def. metallic black!!!!!!!! Love it!

  11. swanky, which one did you get?
  12. I have the silver flap and love it.
  13. I vote gold.:biggrin:
  14. :love: I have the Metallic Black flap, I have to FORCE myself to carry my LV BH! LOL!

    Here's a photo of the flap in Met. black:
    DSCF1336.jpg DSCF1347.jpg
  15. :heart: :heart: i totally love it. it looks great on you. because i already have a black Chanel tote, the red one caught my eye. the leather is nice. and i love the hardware.