Luxury line (Luxe flap)

  1. I've been reading about the Luxury line A LOT, so I wanted to learn even more about it (I am sorry if this question has been asked already).

    Is this line a permanent line? Or is it limited edition? Are all bags hand-made?

    Does the leather scratch easily (I am talking about metallic black)?

    I am particlarly interested in the Flap. Is it a classic? Could it be dressed up formally? Do you like the way it looks on Diane (see pic below)? Or is it more of a casual bag in your opinion? I think I am choosing this over the Classic Flap for now, which I can always get later.

    Anyway, please, post everything you know about the Luxe line. I would love any info!

  2. I don't think the pic posted, so here it is...

    (taken from "Celebs with Chanel" thread)
  3. Oh yes, there's LOADS of pics here! Have you stoped by the Luxe Ligne thread in the Reference Library?

    I own this and can answer your questions.
    Yes, it's TOTALLY Classic.
    All Chanel bags including this Ligne are handmade.
    I haven't heard that it's a Limited Edition, however, they become VERY hard to find as the season progresses, the stores aren't always able to reorder them, so once they sell out, often they're gone and they change every season.
    I personally have the Metallic black and carry it all the time, my is still pristine. It's not at all too delicate.
    The best thing about this bag and the entire Ligne IMO is that it's edgy and cool but Classic as well. It goes PERFERCTLY w/ jeans and casual wear as well as dressier clothes.
    Here's some of my pics, also available to look at in the Reference Library:
    DSCF1336.jpg DSCF1344.jpg DSCF1341.jpg DSCF1347.jpg DSCF1348.JPG