Luxury Line Longevity

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  1. I'm sorry if this is common knowledge but I'm a Chanel neophyte! can anyone tell me if this line is a limited edition? Thanks guys!
  2. I think it is limit edition.
  3. i think it's limited... and GORGEOUS!
  4. :idea: Thanks guys! Now how to get the Large Bowler?!
  5. It's not limited Edition but it's limited units of ordering from Frence.
    The most limited are the denim , only 150 units on each style in USA.
    And all Calf skin and Goat skin(Metallic gold and silver) are ordered
    around 250 units for USA.
    Large Bowler are around 2400+
    Price point start from 1600 on denim tote.
    1990 on calf skin 2160 for medium bowling 2225 for flap bag.
    I love metallic silver the most. So....................pretty.
  6. Try calling Saks they had one last week, if they don't still have it maybe they can track one down for you- good luck!
  7. Oh - you can find these bags at various NM and Chanel boutiques right now. This is the time to find them...
  8. Interesting information, re: availability and numbers in the USA.
  9. It's not limited edition at all. However, this is the time to buy the luxury line bags before it is discontinued and replaced with other designs especially the upcoming fall/winter ones.
  10. I saw quite a few pieces from this line at the Chanel boutique in NM in White Plains, NY.
  11. Interesting and great info. You need to start the hunt before the blow out. Good Luck
  12. Good to know.
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